my thighs are quite big

So are mine!

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I wonder could we get this as a feature on the boards. Who could action this?

Shoulders, knees and toes


Got a lot of time for my legs

Yeah, I’d stand up for my legs too


magnificent beasts


Started going out with my first serious gf because she said I had ‘nice legs’ in PE one time.


Used to hate my legs. Think it stems from being ultra skinny at school accompanied by the enforced shorts wearing for 9 months of the year - my school nickname in the first couple of years of secondary school was ‘The Ethiopian’ (top bants there lads) followed by ‘Bones’ for several years.

Reckon that I didn’t wear non-sport related shorts as an adult until about 8 or 9 years ago. Now quite like my legs - they are still fairly skinny, but nicely toned due to all the biking. Plus hold a tan reasonably well.

Legs - A GBOL :+1:

I actually reckon that legs are both the least interesting and least erotic part of the human body.

Please take your negativity elsewhere.

Balonz is right though, I don’t even scrub my legs in the shower and they are keep themselves in order, my other body parts require more attention

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I was wearing a pair of these, as was the style at the time.


On the way home last week, in sub zero temperatures, I spotted this man in a bold display of lower-leg freedom

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I would have touched them.

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‘Who do you support?’
‘I support my legs and my legs support me’



What about elbows? The band and the body part.

Band: Coldplay for jumped up indie pricks, i.e. shit

Body part: