Lenten promises


Lent starts next Wednesday…what you all doing/not doing?

Thinking of introducing book hour where we all have to read for an hour or half hour a day, very good to force my favourite things on all my family isn’t it? Plus more fun than stopping bread…


going to Japan :japan: :grin:


Sweating at that thread title.


Giving up rollerblading




I’ll take up smoking and give that up, giving up smoking is the hardest thing you can do



do you think it would be possible to give up being a boring loser for lent?


dunno, expect we’ll see how many people post in the cycling threads during those days huh? SAFETYWINK


the denizens of the cycling threads are beyond hope or redemption


Might get ashes on Wednesday just to mark myself as one of ‘them’


Take up Satanism


why would you wanna give up being a boring loser? it’s great