Leonard Cohen

Released a new one off his next album today, it’s really good, pretty intense. Sounds like death speaking directly in your ear.

What’s your favourite album/tracks
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Not sure, but saw him at glasto a few years back or so and he was fucking amazing.


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Been listening to Song of love and hate loads recently. Dress Rehearsal Rag is incredible.

Was lucky enough to see him in Dublin in 2012, on the Old Ideas tour. It was a special experience.
Favourite album - Songs of Love & Hate, though I’ve probably listened to New Skin For The Old Ceremony more than any of his other albums. Ten New Songs is a real latter day gem too, although I honestly believe all his albums are worth checking out, even the Phil Spector produced Death Of A Ladies Man has its charms.
Favourite tracks, from a few eras:
The Stranger Song
I Tried To Leave You
I’m Your Man
Alexandra Leaving
Going Home

So excited for this. New Skin For The Old Ceremony is my current favourite.

I know I’m a heathen, but THE BEST OF Leonard Cohen is absolutely perfect and despite having a fair few of his albums proper, is always the one I go back to.

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Only got Songs of Leonard Cohen but it’s pretty spellbinding. Should I just work forward from there?

They’re all great. Though Various Positions and I’m Your Man can take some getting used to because of the 80’s production. The definitive versions of the best tracks on those albums can be found on the Live in Dublin and Live in London sets. Death of A Ladies Man is a total outlier, so might be worth leaving those 3 til last. Dear Heather can be skipped mind.


@Gert I posted my reply to you under the main thread…
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I love the new song, but I do worry this album will be his “Blackstar”…

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I get the same feeling, but I thought that about Old Ideas too. All his recent albums seem to have been soaked in the knowledge of his own death anyway. That last album disappointed me slightly, the lyrics were solid as always but the instrumentation seemed a bit tinny and basic. He’s obviously still carrying his choir fetish over into this album which isn’t really my bag either but the vocals on this new track are more than enough to sell it to me tbh.

I’m Your Man is definitely worth getting on its own. Cracking album but agree on the 80s production. Never really been able to get behind it, but the songs are all so, so good. Agree on Various Positions (and I’ll lob The Future in here too) though - just get the live versions of the best cuts from those lads.

My default position is Len’s first 4 albums are all essential (although New Skin is a bit patchy) + I’m Your Man + a live album like Cohen Live or something.

Fucking fuck

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Fucking hell.

Took my mum to see him a few years back in Wembley as she’s a big fan. It was amazing. You Want It Darker is such a good album. Suddenly feeling really homesick.


Earlier this year, it was revealed that Cohen sent a letter to his muse and long-time friend Marianne Ihlen just two days before she died. “Well Marianne, it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

  • I’d read this before, yet it absolutely ruined me reading it again today. :disappointed: My favourite songwriter bar none. RIP.

Oh fucking hell.