Les Savy Fav

Just stuck on Inches and it’s still a great album, isn’t it? Long, obviously, but who cares. What an amazing conception. The Sweat Descends/Knowing How the World Works are so great.

Apparently they’re still going although I didn’t even end up really getting that into Root for Ruin and given that was 8 years ago I guess they’re on a permanent hiatus.


Haven’t listened to them in ages - going to now! Love Go Forth, and of course Sweat Descends is a choon

I think most of the band are on Seth Myers now??

One of the best gigs I saw when I lived in London - they were at the Garage, supporting Weird War - must’ve been 2006 I think

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Oh my god, just got to the Dramatic Reading of Reformat - forgot how much fun it is! Although I now see my MP3s of these two are named the wrong way round.

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Amazing band, Inches and Let’s Stay Friends were both choc full of goodness. Tried Root For Ruin so many times, but just sounded so sanitised, didn’t do anything for me.

Turns out that, yes, two of them are in Seth Meyers’s late night show band, as Paintycanned said.

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I always thought Tim Harrington was gonna end up with his own TV show or something, but this was the only good espisode of Beardo that I saw

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Excellent band. Loved Everything up to Let’s Stay Friends.

I have happy memories of Tim Harrington once trying to strangle me with his mic cable in Manchester. I’m sure he meant it affectionately.

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mine are like that as well so i assumed it was a Funny Joke?

I think they might actually be the wrong way round on the cd as well.


Yeah Wikipedia has that and it’s obvious as the track lengths are there too

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Wonderful band. Inches and Go Forth probably the pinnacle (although Cat and Cobra does contain We’ve Got Boxes and Who Rocks the Party). Saw them a bunch of times but the show at ATP vs The Fans in 2007 was probably the most joyous.


That was one of my favourite sets of all time. Remember arriving and thinking “Why is there a guy getting his haircut in the middle of the stage while the roadies setup?”. Loved it when he made people grab tables and place them through the audience so he could walk over them like stepping stones.


I remember people seemed a bit down on Let’s Stay Friends but it’s easily their best.

Still kinda regret not going to Dublin to see them live for New Years Eve in 2010 (just a bit of a bad night for it as I’d have had to skip spending it with friends to travel down on my own)


I’ll never miss an opportunity to say that I licked ketchup and mustard of Tim’s naked torso.


Yup. I do love Inches, TC&TC and Go Forth though. Had tickets to see them about 10 years ago but couldn’t make it in the end. Regrettable.

Chintzyyyyyyyyyyy xx

Although initially finding it a little weak, I’ve gone back to Root For Ruin a lot over the past couple of years. I think there’s a lot of good stuff on there. Weird that Let’s Get Out Of Here is easily their most listened to track on spotify.

But anyways my order probably goes:

Let’s Stay Friends
Cat and the Cobra
Root For Ruin
Kid A
Go Forth (aside from Reprobate’s Resume and In Bloom, this has never clicked with me as much as the others)

Seems like real-world-adult responsibilties put a stop to them doing shows/putting out songs, but I think they’ll be back eventually albeit not for massive tours. I’d love to see them again, because a Les Savy Fav show is the first one* that I went to by travelling to another city with my mates.

A shame, because I often want to listen to something like Les Savy Fav, but they’re the only that scratch that itch for me.

*This is a lie. Muse were the first by a few months, but Muse don’t count.

Let’s Get Out Of Here was in an episode of True Blood which might explain its relative popularity. Also the fact that it’s a banger.

Surprised that Root For Ruin wasn’t as positively received, think it has some of their strongest punk rock songs.

My favourite LSF memory is speed drinking pints of strongbow with Tim Harrington before he did Ace Of Base karaoke at one of the last ATPs. Man is an animal.

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i just found it quite one-note after the variation of Let’s Stay Friends. though i also felt the same when i worked back to Go Forth.

… and I do likewise for the incident where Tim “fellated” Ms. Marty using the microphone as a stand-in.

never listened to root for ruin. why was it so bad?