Les Savy Fav

i just found it quite one-note after the variation of Let’s Stay Friends. though i also felt the same when i worked back to Go Forth.

… and I do likewise for the incident where Tim “fellated” Ms. Marty using the microphone as a stand-in.

never listened to root for ruin. why was it so bad?

It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just a bit one dimensional compared to Let’s Stay Friends

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I like this band but never really known how to say it out loud - can someone record themselves saying the band name correctly into vocaroo please?

Just remembered this. Might also help with pronunciation.


I’d say it’s more Lay Sah-vee Fav


Less A.V. Fav

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that was what I’d been going for

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So… now I’ll be listening to Jetplane Landing this afternoon

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you mean it’s not Les Savee Favee?



You’re back!

If you say Les Savy Fav three times, does @chintzylacroix appear?

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I’m trying to be, and then I forget

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Another one in agreement here, it’s my favourite of there’s.

Love Rome Upside Down as well.

Saw them live once and it was incredible. Want them back.

Yea I love Rome Upside Down as well. And TC&TC.

Saw them a few times but they played in Birmingham after Lets Stay Friends came out (Pretty sure it was that one) in a bar i have never seen another band in (and is no longer a bar) and it was pretty pretty small - incredible. It was a real random show and one of the most party gigs i have seen. Goddamn i used to love this band.