Less rice or fewer rice?

  • Less rice
  • Fewer rice

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Thanks xx


Fewer rice?!



I eat a bowl full of rices whilst listening to my vinyls


I’m not the decider of the poll, I’m just the facilitator of the poll.


more rice please


Can’t believe two people have voted for fewer rice.


Excited FOR.


One might argue they would be gramatically in the correct to do so.


Nah mate.


put it in a bowl of rices.


I’m just glad I have an opinion


Less rice

Fewer grains of rice


Less rice soup

Fewer rice


It really depends how much rice you’re describing, doesn’t it?

If you’re talking about a small number of grains, it’s fewer. If you’re talking about a big pile, who could be arsed counting that?

  • One less thing to worry about
  • One fewer thing to worry about

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Reading all this has made my brain feel like it’s melting. Rices. Ri?

  • haircut
  • hairs cut

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Put it in a bowl of fewer things about which to worry.


fewer sand


this one is a joke right?