Lesser known films which in your opinion are superior to other similar critically-acclaimed films


Just watched a German film called Cherry Blossoms. Pretty much a more charming version of Lost in Translation. Absolutely brilliant.



battle royale > the hunger games


Tangled is better than Frozen.


Serenity >>> Revenge Of The Sith. Same year. One film had characters you cared about, great actors, enthralling plot and superb dialogue…I’ve not put myself through the turgid misery of watching the Star Wars prequel again


Southern Comfort > Deliverance


Strong contender for favourite joke ever.


Slacker is better than Dazed and Confused.


Holy fuck, hot take incoming


Dantes peak was far superior to volcano.


Orca the killer whale is better than jaws


Twister is better than jaws


Oh, most definitely the case. Brosnan power all the way!


Spun is vastly better than Requiem for a Dream.