Lesser Known Songs 2021

Share some song you’ve really loved this year, that people might not have come accross. Sorry if there’s some overlap with over threads.

It was released December 2020
Been really loving this Muzz cover, feels warm and very wintery:

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Other than The Guardian where else does song of the year lists?


Violet Cold


Don’t think anybody’s mentioned anything from Talons’ New Nightmares. Brutal pandemic album that’s soft and noisy at the same time.

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biggest pop banger of the year

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Japanese punk / tom waits cross over… deserves way more listens than it has

Arabrot put out a really great album this year and this is the opening tune massive chorus and rock cool

Ailsa Tully - Drive

FFO slow sad indie like Sun June

Maripool - Blindness

Laid back, lazy jangly indie pop. The AA side, Emilio, is nice too

Nightshift - Power Cut

Bit of an early Deerhunter vibe

alexalone - Electric Sickness

Gabriel Bernini - Under All Summer

Nice slacker indie pop

Not sure what constitutes lesser known but this is probably my song of the year. certainly the one I’ve listened to the most. beautifully clipped electro pop song that has the british-stiff-upper-lip vibe of ‘behaviour’ era pet shop boys. love the wonderfully evocative backward guitar solo too.

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Haven’t seen it mentioned on here along with the other track with Caroline Polachek I don’t think:

Can’t wait for the album love Murkage Dave Changed My Life…

They are probably too well known for this thread, but I haven’t really heard much mention of how brilliant this is. Probably my favourite music video of the year too.

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Lovely atmospheric Dutch indie pop with guest vocals from Alan and Mimi out of Low

Great bit of German pop too - one of my favourite songs of the year

This is one artist and album that seems to have passed many by this year, but this supremely beautiful and unnerving track definitely deserves more ears. Woozy drones and electronics complemented by haunting distant vocals.