Lesser Known Songs 2021

Only just heard this one recently, but Mess Esque’s ‘Sweet Spot’ has been gently caressing my lugholes a lot. Mick Turner’s (of Dirty Three) recent album with singer Helen Franzmann. This has some hushed late night Yo La Tengo vibes going on. Lovely.

This feels like a hard/weird one to recommend, as it is essentially a massive cocktease of a track. SUUNS made my favourite album of this year, and this track just stayed with me, in part to how much it seems at multiple points as if it’s finally taking off and then… doesn’t. And then ends. But man…. those drums, I love them so much, and because they don’t stick around, I find myself constantly going back to it just so I can hear them again. Addictive, maddening, disappointing and wonderful.

When I want to feel like I’m slowly drifting out to sea in a tiny boat shrouded by fog, this is really the only soundtrack I need.

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Mess Esque album is really good

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