Let It Shine/The Voice '17 (rolling)

Haha, we fucking love it, don’t we!

Favourites so far?

Watched the opening to Let it Shine last week and couldnt bear it. Turned over to the Voice and it was better. No idea why Gavin Rossdale is doing it. Enjoyed how the crowd speaks to the judges

Can’t wait till Hudson repeatedly overshadows the other judges and they completely turn on her.

There was a lad on last week who sang a Whitney Houston song, think he was called Jason. One of the best auditions i’ve ever seen on one of these programs i pretend not to watch.

He’s mint. ‘Against All Odds’ is such a great song.

Watching The Voice, big fan of Jhud and her dress.

Never seen the other Shine one, Ninja Warrior is on at same time innit, plus can’t stand Gary Barlow