Let me see your rugs


I don’t like my rug. I’ve had it for a very long time and it does not go with my living room anymore.

Saying that, it didn’t cost very much and it has served its purpose but I feel it’s time for change.

However, whenever I search for rugs they’re always either rubbish or VERY expensive.

Soooo, may I see yours?

  • Where did you get it from?
  • If it’s fluffy, how do you vacuum it without all the fluffy bits sticking in your vacuum cleaner?
  • etc

Thank you!

Have you checked IKEA? I’ve always found their rug selection good and reasonably priced. Will they last? Probably not…

John Lewis have a big rug selection but I guess there’s less chance you can get down to look through?

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Currently rocking this as we binned the old rug as it was manky. Useful for putting the bairn down on.

Will be in the market for a new rug at some point so will be following this thread closely.


Not a fan, I don’t care about it aesthetically but it prevents the easy transition of the sofa to a sofa bed thanks to the placement and it makes the room a pain in the arse to hoover.

I reckon the “rug” might be the single most pointless piece of home furnishing there is. Sure there are other items that are there for aesthetics alone but they don’t actively hamper day to day living in the way a rug does.

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They are good for kids when you don’t have a carpet so you can play with them in some kind of comfort.

Otherwise I am with you in them not being so useful and being a big arse when you do the cleaning.

Got this bad boy recently

Still not decided if we’re keeping it but I think we will.

Sir Sweepington is in charge of the vacuuming.

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When you want to sprint from your garden through to the toilet do you not slip on the rug and fall on your arse every time?


Bought it in Argos years ago, can’t remember how much it cost but definitely wasn’t much. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either, it serves a purpose.


never really stopped to think about it before but rugs are pretty cool

would be a fun thing to collect, have a different rug for every day of the week

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I have this one. It’s getting a bit manky after a few years so will change it up when I paint my navy wall beige soon


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Rugs are good for keeping your tootsies warm if you’re not wearing slippers (which you’re not)

What purpose does it serve, please?

Ah, OK. I wasn’t aware of that on accounts of how I’m always too hot and therefore prefer to keep my tootsies cool

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Ant’s got an agenda


You should get an ice rug for your tootsies

I’d really love that actually. Or a pair of ice slippers

I’m just being cheeky and a bit crazy

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