Let’s cook, baby! (SSP)

So this is a bit embarrassing as I’m a man in my 30s but I need to come clean: I can’t cook. This has been highlighted by recently ending a long term relationship in which my partner did 95% of the cooking and I have been relying on ready meals and pizza since. This won’t do, obviously.

So I need your help. Do you have any suggestions for basic, easy recipes / cook books that would advise on this sort of thing? I’m not a fussy eater so any suggestions welcome.

Joke responses welcome but not encouraged.

Have added SSP as I’m pretty mortified about this but you’re a good bunch.


What kind of stuff do you like to eat?

I’m in the same boat but it’s mainly that I can’t be arsed.

Really not fussy except anything that’s mega spicy.


I literally can’t cook spaghetti. Tried three times recently and twice it was so inedible it went in the bin.

I am a shambles and I’d like to change but also don’t know if I possess the skill.

I can make good scrambled eggs and that’s it.

how much time are you willing to spend cooking each evening?

Basic bolognese (purists look away)

2xcloves garlic
2tbps oil
mince beef
tin tomatoes
beef stock cube

Chop the onion and garlic and fry in the oil for a couple of minutes
Put in the beef and stir until brown
add the tomatoes and the stock cube
Stir occasionally until a bit thicker
Serve with pasta

can always add a few chopped mushrooms, grated carrot, frozen peas or whatever (if you’ve got stuff knocking around)

add cumin seeds, kidney beans, some chili and lime juice for a chili con carne

I pretty much gave up on cooking a few years back for a number of reasons and was just totally lacking ideas. Using a delivery service has been brilliant for me - the recipes and ingredients are all there and it’s hard to go wrong. I’d say it’s been reteaching me how to cook again and is definitely worth you exploring.

Shameless plug: if you or anyone else wants a discount off Gousto (50% off first box and 30% for a month) then you can use this code (and give me a discount in the process :smiley:) https://cook.gousto.co.uk/raf?promo_code=LAURA22241747&utm_source=iosapp )

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This blogpost seems right up your street wwwwo.

I’d just start with something simple like a good chilli or bolognase. Can furnish you with some simple recipes if you like. Learning to cook is just trial and error. It’s not that difficult really. You just need to taste stuff as you go along, the more you cook a dish the more you’ll refine it to get it exactly like you want. Don’t expect your first chilli to be amazing, it might be but it might not as well :smile:


Something I can’t get enough of is a fairly straightforward rocket salad

Crushed garlic
splash balsamic vinegar
splash olive oil
pinch salt and pepper
toss it in a bowl and done

This comes out soon. As most of DiS can vouch for Rukmini’s other cookbooks (she has 2 more roasting tin ones), you cannot go wrong. Literally just bung it all in a tray and you’ve got an entire meal.


So sorry - what does SSP stand for? Will be conscious in future to add if necessary

what was wrong with your spag Juke? I find most of the ‘skill’ is just keeping an eye on things so you can see/taste when they’re done

Yup this. My girlfriend didn’t cook at all and was a bit anxious in the kitchen but has made loads of stuff from the veggie roasting tin with a 100% success rate. Great books

I don’t even know

too hard, too soft, too salty, not salty enough, it had it all

Or if you want to avoid the cooking part…

1 tin chickpeas
2 tomatoes cut into small chunks
some cucumber chopped up (same size ish as the cucumber)
2 cloves garlic crushed
1 lemon, juiced
couple of splashes of olive oil
handful of sultanas
some chopped coriander leaves

mix it all up

goes well with a rocket salad :slight_smile:

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Yes! Back in the day I worked in a bookshop and this came up often. People were embarrassed to buy them, but there are loads of cookbooks aimed at students living away from home that go into the very very basics but build your skills up really quickly if you’re into it.

This one used to sell like hotcakes:

If you’ve got some skills already, go for a three- or four-ingredient cookbook. Having so few ingredients makes it difficult to fuck up and is less overwhelming.

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Since been told, via DM, that the thread title suggests this would be about heroin. Sorry to disappoint.


Basically means no taking the piss