Let’s cook, baby! (SSP)

I always cook at least double spaghetti portions, so 200g each. Annoyingly this means if two of us are eating then each packet is left with about 100g uncooked pasta in it each time, and I just end up hoarding loads of packets containing 1/5 of a packet of spaghetti. I really need to start using it all up.

Get a glass spaghetti jar.

It doesn’t actually make sense for them to sell 500g packets when it’s recommended to have 150g portions :woman_shrugging:


These are two really solid recipes which I’ve made loads. You can’t really go wrong with either and you can buy almost everything for both from Aldi - so neither too expensive or requiring hard to find ingredients.

This is one from Jamie’s America, comes together as way more than the sum of its parts. It’s never been anything less than great.Any kind of diced lamb is fine, as is tinned rather than frozen sweetcorn and chilli flakes:

And this one’s from River Cottage veg. I use fresh spinach and ready rolled puff pastry - you don’t need to roll out, just shape on top and glaze with either egg or milk. When you think you’ve way too much spinach, you almost have enough. Straightforward to make and tasty to eat.

Cooked the latter tonight!


My new favourite cookbook is Salt Acid Fat Heat - has completely changed my approach to cooking. It explains how different ingredients work, how different types of cooking work (fry / grill etc) and provides really easy tables for making pretty much any cuisine in the world. I find it much easier to improvise now I understand how it all actually works instead of following instructions by rote.

For a beginner though… Pasta is your friend. So much can be done with a couple ingredients and parmesan. Eg,

Tomato garlic basil parmesan
Lemon olive oil chilli parmesan
Cream chicken pepper parmesan (Alfredo)
Marscapone pesto parmesan
Egg bacon parmesan (carbonara)
Olives anchovies tomato parmesan


Isn’t there a law around sizes of things? Like loaves have to be 400g or 800g?

I agree it’s stupid that portion sizes don’t match the packet. I guess it’s an up selling strategy if it’s not mandated by law.

Really like that book. Especially the illustrations. Keep looking to see if I can get a copy of the Mirepoix/veg bases from around the world one to go on the wall.

Got a bag of kumquats and absolutely no idea what to do with them. Anyone got any banging kumquat recipes?

I cooked some veggie sausages last night

Can I put them in the microwave? I want them hot but will this kill me?

I know absolutely nothing.

They won’t kill you. They will probs be on the soggy side mind


just googled this book as it sounds great. Did you know there was a netflix show ?

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