Let’s cook, baby! (SSP)

just googled this book as it sounds great. Did you know there was a netflix show ?

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thinking about getting into tofu. anyone got any #tofutips?

smoked/ marinated is better imo. goes really well in a stir fry/ other asian type dishes


The firmer the better. (Tofoo brand is good)

There’s a recipe on here from salt and chili tofu that people rate.

Sometimes bake mine for a bit first to firm it up.

Taifun stuff is good (wild garlic filets are :+1:


This is it. Couldn’t remember Meera Sodha’s name.

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these sound :+1: where do you get them!?!

Local eco-wanker shop

i’m going 8th day in manchester on friday. hopefully they have some good stuff there

squeeze the block between a couple of plates before cooking to get rid of as much excess water as possible

once you’ve chopped up a block, roll the pieces in cornflour and they’ll crisp up nicely when you shallow fry them