Let’s cook, baby! (SSP)

Also do you like rice? I’d highly recommend a rice cooker. It’s changed my life. I could not cook rice for shit and now omg rice is perfect and I wanna eat rice all the time Takes a huge amount of stress out of cooking cause you can put the rice on before you start cooking and it stays warm in there for however long.

I have a small 0.8l one from amazon which was about £18.

i’m not great at cooking. glad i’m not the only one, feel like dis is full of perfect mini gwyneth paltrows sometimes.
salads are really easy. basically any combination of stuff + some almonds or mozarella and some olive oil or balsamic is guaranteed to be nice

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good tips

I would also suggest you invest in a few reasonably sized pans - I think a common mistake novice / solo cooks make is to try and cook stuff in pans that are itty bitty, then wonder why the pasta has stuck or they’ve spilled sauce all over the hob


^this - I’ve most often cut my fingers when the knife is not sharp enough

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I’m not dissing your rice cooker but I’ve never seen the hassle with cooking rice ? I mean I’m no Ken Hom (he puts exactly the correct amount of water to cook the rice, no more no less) but it’s not that difficult is it ?


It’s a bit dull (and a bit Tory if we’re being honest) but it’s worth getting a complete cookbook with about 500 recipies like this one

There’ll be nothing massively exciting but they tend to be pretty good at staples, and have detailed instructions of how to prepare, how long to cook for etc, so you’ll get a bit of confidence up then can explore stuff you’re more interested in

Oh yeah, and another vote for Green Tin books too


Yeah I mean I could cook rice but it wouldn’t be fluffy and nice at all. I just couldn’t do it no matter what method. Or it would stick to the bottom of the pan and burn if I did the same amount of water to rice like you’re meant to.

The rice cooker makes the most amazing rice. I can’t really explain it unless you’ve had rice cooker rice? I also use it to make flavoured rice with curry powder, raisins and pine nuts.

also I think for me its more that I don’t have to pay attention to it. Put it in, turn it on, rice is cooked perfectly every time.

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Highly recommend How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. I bought it for the TV as he was/is still a bit scared of cooking and he’s got a lot out of it. It goes through the essentials of cooking and has a few basic recipes along with advice on stuff like how to cook a vegetable in different ways, how to prepare fish, what all the utensils are for etc.

My dad gets these for me for christmas and they are amazing! The cooking instructions are pretty straightforward mostly and amount to chop up a load of whatever you want a curry of, put the spice pouch in a pan with some water and cook for a while. So, very, tasty



What kind of stuff did your partner cook?

What’s some of your favourite things to eat?

Personally I’d have a go at recreating the more simple versions before shelling out for books, rice cookers, knives etc. Ravens had a good suggestion above about bolognaise/chile kind of dish that you can then use as a basis to make loads of other dishes.

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18 quid is a bargain… I’m tempted tbh. Mine’s always a bit sticky, and yeah does stick to the pan now and again. Maybe I’m not as good at cooking rice as I thought Meow…

I learned in the last year and a half. Id recommend skipping out on meat because it’s too hard to get right - at least that’s my experience :smiley:

BBC food Has lots of good simple recipes, and YouTube helps as well

I am a massive fan of cooking, it’s my main hobby, and a proper cookbook nerd (about 300 and counting). The cookbook that I found most useful when I started learning to cook was Real Fast Food by Nigel Slater, it’s full of pretty simple, quick and non-intimidating stuff to cook. I had a student cookbook that was really helpful as well, decent on the basics.

Nigella Lawson is the best cookery writer of all time, both How To Eat and Kitchen are indispensible imo. My most-used recent cookbook is Made in India by Meera Sodha, basically curry for idiots, it’s incredible.

Other top tip would be to get a decent kitchen knife and some good pans, cooking is so much easier and more fun when you have the right kit.


This is very tempting - do you have a link to the one you have?

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Treat yo’ self and you won’t regret it. I’m trying lots of different kinds of rice and I think thai jasmine works best in it. I use it to make just a bit of rice super quick and then save it for the next day for fried rice which I was always scared of making for some reason but I think it was because my rice wasn’t good.

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Weirdly basmati rice is proper easy in the microwave. 1 part rice to 2 parts water, lid on, 13 minutes at a reduced power, always comes out perfect

This is now the rice cooking thread :smile:

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I would look at the BBC Good Food pages and do something you like the look of from there, there’s an easy level difficulty level finder thing. If you’re prepared to just do one or two new meals a week and you’ll have built up a repertoire in no time.

One tip I’d give, and I might get shot down for this, is always double whatever spices/ garlic/ herbs a recipe gives you as I find they are always stingy.


Yep, another vote for this one. Also:

  • A Girl Called Jack is pretty easy to use and varied. It’s designed for cooking on a budget but the recipes are straightforward and generally pretty tasty: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Girl-Called-Jack-delicious-recipes/dp/0718178947
  • The BBC website is pretty good as well. For a while we had a subscription to the Good Food magazine (which we got from our Tesco vouchers) - there were lots of good ideas (ranging from super-easy to real crowd-pleasers) and I’d cut out the best ones.
  • Personally I quite like having print-outs of recipes, which I keep in a folder. I find it a bit of a faff having to scroll up/down on a smartphone when I’m cooking, but if you have a tablet then it might not be so bad.
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