Let’s eat Grandma

I know the song well. It could easily be the same singer doing both IMHO



Not sure about the “go solo” bit

But do agree that there is a bit of a divergence going on here, and Jenny’s vocals are increasingly generally falling into the “not for me” camp, whereas I’m much more into most of the more evidently Rosa stuff

I tend to agree that the more singer-songwritery stuff is where the album doesn’t do it for me (I don’t know anything about the songwriting process for these guys and whether everything is collaborative or what), and I’m much more into the hyperpop/electro leaning stuff


That chorus of Levitation is a great example of what I like most about Two Ribbons, it’s that dovetailing of styles that elevates this album for me.

In saying that, Hall of Mirrors is probably my standout track on the album and that’s very much electro-pop banger.


If you want to know more about their writing process this was a good listen:

It’s just Rosa and David Wrench but gives a sense of where they contribute to each other’s songs.

I think it’s interesting, personally. These are two women who’ve grown up together and inevitably part of their creative and personal relationship is that they’re going to diverge, converge and oscillate in terms of their art and what they make.

It’s just we’re watching it play out in real time – I would much rather albums be interesting snapshots and explorations of where people are in life (particularly when it’s a duo like this where you can pinpoint each of their ‘sides’) rather than attempts to make, like, classic cohesive Grade A records every time. Being a fan of eg Big Thief or King Gizzard makes me appreciate when artists publicly explore things and feel things out and maybe to not to approach albums as these big monolithic statements anymore. It’s OK for things to not click, or feel joined up, because part of the joy of it is about the journey of making it and if it doesn’t work there’ll be another one around the corner.

I dunno, just thinking out loud really but it feels really weird maybe to be playing off albums made when they were eg 19 and 23, ages when you’re shifting rapidly and fizzing with ideas.


So interesting - I’ve definitely been feeling this way about their differing styles on the album (which I like, and increasingly so), but the idea really took hold for me when I saw them at Primavera.

Great show, but I definitely left feeling like Rosa was a star. I’d love to hear a record fronted by her, but see no reason it shouldn’t be a Let’s Eat Grandma one.

this is another good interview with them. They are on right at the start and seem in a very good mood. They talk a bit about their writing process, the future of the band etc. Mixcloud

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a nice picture too! Radio Primavera Sound - Day 2 of Primavera Sound, with special guests Let’s Eat Grandma

I think they’re both great. Cheers.


Rosa is to release a new solo track tomorrow called ‘Turning Up The Flowers’. Its part of the Honkai Impact 3rd project.


Absolutely massive tune.

I’m really looking forward to hearing TUTF performed live at future LEG gigs.

Let’s Eat Grandma have recorded a cover version of Nick Drake’s ‘From the Morning’. Its to be released as the b-side of a limited edition single on 24 March (the Fontaines Cello Song is the a-side), and then on the various artists album, ‘The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake’ in July.


Where do you get all your insider knowledge from?!

I maintain an unofficial facebook page on LEG so in order to keep it ticking over I spend a lot of time (re)searching on-line for news and corresponding with folk who are associated with the band professionally. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice :wink:

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

They’re playing Meltdown on June 10.
£30 for the Royal Festival Hall foyer. I remember when those Meltdown gigs (assuming they actually mean the Clore ballroom) were the free ones… Although I felt quite old realising the free gig I was thinking of - Bo Ningen, with Stewart Lee in the audience - was actually a decade ago.