Let’s eat Grandma

They’re in the Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, so not the Clore Ballroom in the RFH.

Does seem odd to me that they’re in the foyer though. Aren’t they well-known enough to get the QEH itself?

Either that’s changed or I misread (probably the first). Maybe there’s something else in there or they’ve got a show that only works in the foyer?

The QEH Foyer has a capacity of 1,000, whereas the QEH is only 900, so they are technically in the larger of those spaces.

Hadn’t realised QEH Foyer was an events space capable of putting on an act like LEG. Think they’re better suited to a non-seated venue but it looks like quite an odd space.

I’ve still yet to see them but not sure if this is the optimal venue/time to do so. Wonder are there any plans for a proper tour?

I’ve got presale to this. I thought it might have been a typo and it’s at The QEH. Nope, is an unreserved “seat”/area at the foyer. £30 too. I think I’ll leave it.

Sky Ferreira played there last Meltdown and was close to 50 notes IIRC. Didn’t sell out.

the idea of a band playing somewhere called a foyer just makes it sound like they’re buskers chancing their arm and sneaking in somewhere

weird name


I’m a dull pragmatic person and it’s the thing of them playing a venue that’s not really a venue…just an area outside the QEH itself.

I “know” the area/foyer in that I’ve gone to a few gigs at The QEH and walk passed it very often. It’s an adequate sized place but things like how high the stage will be and sound etc. makes me want to pass for the £30. I’ll probably be at a loose end for something to do that Saturday but will probably be able to find another gig for £10-£15 and a couple of beers will take me to the £30 that’s the price for the Let’s Eat Grandma ticket.

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Saw them four (!) times last year and although they were very good each time, reckon I’ll pass on this…

£30 does feel a bit steep for the size of venue they typically play, even if they are great live and all.

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They kind of hike the prices up as it’s the Meltdown.

Soap&Skin is playing during the Meltdown at The Purcell Room. She’s brilliant but they’re charging £27.50 for that.

Unfortunately I’ll leave that too due to the price.

I’m so disappointed to be away at the same time as the Soap&Skin gig. Would definitely have snapped up tickets, especially at that small venue.

Edit: just to be on topic, I remember seeing Beirut play in the foyer years ago, but pretty sure that was free! Still seems like a weird ‘venue’ to pay for!

Booked my ticket this evening. With booking fee it cost £33.50 and with travel costs I can double that figure but hey ho, its not every week that I see them and at the end of the day,they’re worth it.

Had no intention of going to this based on the odd choice of venue but on reading the above post I went and bought a ticket.

I’m in the wrong line of work obviously …I should have been a concert promoter !! :wink:

LEG’s cover of Nick Drake’s ‘From The Morning’ is now on YT.
Unfortunately I can’t leave links in my posts but the official video is there anyway. Perhaps somebody else can post a direct link? :slightly_smiling_face: