Let the punishment fit the crime



Ten minutes in the stocks being pelted by rotten fruit for saying ‘asterix’ when you mean ‘asterisk’.


‘can you be more pacific please?’


Twenty minutes for saying “pacifically” when you mean “specifically”


God, had to read that three times to work out what the problem was. I need an expresso!


expresso: cut out their tongue


Red hot poker up the bum for using “draw” when you mean “drawer”


lol, what an imboseal.


Your so mean sometimes


at the very least


Their their, it was only meant ingest.


you’re mum


How would you decide who was illegible to meat out the punishment?


Here, here!


You’re loosing your mind!


Its the brazen bull if anyone says pair when they mean pear


So utterly gauling.


Couldn’t of put it better myself


‘Should of’ instead of ‘should have’ = getting thrown into a massive pit full of turds


I had a teacher who always said 'pacifically’
She taught Learning for Life and Work, so that was punishment enough.


When my manager used to go on holiday he’d always leave his out of office on to let people know that if they required any assistants they could call me. Being British, I was too mortified to ever tell him so this went on for years…