Let's all buy a town and live there




Come on, it’ll be fucking brilliant.

Imagine living next door to chadders!

What shall we call it?




Would feel weird living in a fully white neighbourhood again tbh


Fully? Mostly, I’ll agree.


But an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable!


You should follow me down
There’s no color and no sound
In a fully white town
I’ll be ten feet underground
In a fully white town


Well I’m never going to settle down
Hanging around in a fully white town


Drowned in Town(d)


This works both ways doesn’t it, TownedInSound


Towned in Town(d)




We can divide the town up into districts for music, social etc, all the tourists inexplicably hanging out in the classifieds section and the lounge will be like the houses of parliament.


Cycle paths as far as the eye can see!


most of us have severe astigmatism though


I don’t think you should be driving a van Smee.


new london


is the stock in the shop included in the price? #dealbreaker


I don’t think we could afford it.


I dunno

It’s roughly equivalent to Sean’s server costs over the last 17 years


I would not like to live there, maybe just visit during office hours