Let's all change our names




I’m thinking either Goose Mooselaw or Moose Gooselaw for me.


Pfft, I’m about 17 years ahead of the game here.

Touch me.


Which name did you change?


I think we need a prize for the first person to come up with a name that breaks all of those restrictions.



Eric Cavalier


I’m ashamed Scout.

Should have checked.

Kill this shit, mods.

Meanwhile I’ll go and lay out in the snow and think about what I’ve done.



Mark Bastard


You should be.

You shouldn’t, it was a week ago. I’m just keeping the paper trail going for the audit.


I can’t read your reply at the moment, I’m laying face down in the snow.

I’ve asked someone to piss on me.

It’s no less than I deserve.


Been seriously contemplating buying myself a middle name, because my LAZY parents didn’t give me one. Not one! Some people have loads!
My surname is Pugh so thinking “taker”. Or “hava”. Undecided


Sonia Fowler


what’s the thing again? One syllable first name two syllable last name? That’s the rule for good famous people name right?

Need to lose a syllable. Might just go by my middle name instead




The one I was born as.


Mine is the other way round to this, maybe that’s why I always hate telling people my name. It sounds weird and was never sure why.


could go for a 1 - 1, then it’ll make you seem like a real go-getter, don’t even have time to waste on an extra syllable.


Or 2-2, I think it’s just having more syllables in the first name is the odd bit.

Still want to be Inga Meyer.


Inga is a good strong name