Let's all change our names

Is this now the Thursday filth thread?

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Pretty sure no one has a name when they’re born.

I’ll stick with this one

Clive Beef

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dunno, someone told me my name makes me sound like im famous. they were an idiot tho, they also said they saw a photo of me which reminds them of a poster of damon hill they saw (damon hill is a 2:1 tho as well so maybe we should be racing drivers)

actually can I have Richard Sappenstein if you aren’t using it?

Hmm, yeah, yours doesn’t sound weird at all.

the rules are: there are no rules

Yeah, go for it.

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Yeah, my folks argued so heatedly over name choices that I didn’t end up with a middle name either (and as a result, neither did any of my younger siblings).

Think I might invest in one for myself - quite fancy Franz after the thinly-veiled shot it down as a choice for our youngest :slightly_frowning_face: