Let's all have a scrap, like?


Just saying in the morning thread. Was pretty good having a scrap at school (obv until someone gets proper hurt).

So maybe it’d be good for getting out the tension of all this heat lately. Scrap, or?


Takes top off and slings it on ground


yes! might shove someone a bit, see if i can get them a bit pissed off.


I might knee antpocs in the nuts for calling one of my posts ‘awful’. Then sit on his head and guff.


i mean i’d previously said no groin shots but this is quite funny (sorry ant it is a BIT)


I’m circling.


tremendous. LOVE a bit of circling around

“come on then”


Do I have to call you an ambulance?


seems unduly harsh, i’ve been trying to lose weight lately


I’ve got three brothers, and we used to fight several times a day. Sometimes we’d go into the (windowless) hall, turn out all the lights and just start throwing punches. Weren’t even angry with each other, just loved fighting.


the windowless hall? did you live in Gormenghast?


(i fucking love just having a scrap for no reason)


Yeah, it’s the best. Now my nephews fight with each other (they’re about 5), and my brother’s girlfriend keeps trying to intervene - she doesn’t get it.


I remember during this kinda weather school was crazy for fights.

Heat + rage filled teens + proximity = lots of fights.
Who knew?


just shove her mid intervention until she’s goaded into getting fully involved. imagine that! family scrap!


right if we’re doing this properly everyone needs to down a pack of these first



ah, getting hopped up on sugar. better days eh


better still if one of yer mates has a trampoline in their back garden