Let's arbitrarily pair bands up and vote!



Stipe comparisons on the money but yeah, different for sure. enigks vox barely hang on as comprehensible. Probably owes just as much to elizabeth fraser as he does stipe.


yesss, very much so. he takes the mouth-feel lyricism of Stipe via the glossolalia of Fraser to… well, not to the point he’s speaking in tongues, but you get what I mean.

knew you’d have my back on this. :slight_smile:


so, so true.


I mean, I’m not even writing RA off wholesale or anything, but their music is so simplistic, rote even, especially in comparison to SDRA.


I only compared the two because they both have the words “real” and “estate” in their name. Beyond that they might well be incomparable. I do like real estate a LOT more, and clearly I’m not the only one who does, but looks like you’re not the only one who likes SDRA a LOT more either. Everything’s fine.


arbitrary (by sound) comparisons like this are more fun tbf.


Wolf People


How many SDRE albums have you actually heard? Such a bizarre opinion!

  • Beastie Boys
  • Backstreet Boys
  • The Beach Boys
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Boys II Men
  • Fallout Boy
  • Fatboy Slim

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  • Spice Girls
  • Girls Aloud
  • The Weather Girls
  • Acoustic Ladyland
  • Chicks on Speed
  • Vivian Girls
  • Dum Dum Girls
  • Scouting For Girls
  • Girls

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  • The Antlers
  • Crystal Antlers
  • Crystal Stilts

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  • Frank Ocean
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Frank Zappa
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

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Frank Sidebottom


the correct answers by a huge margin was Coil, guys.


Tsk…that one needed an all of the above option.

  • The Grateful Dead
  • Dead Kennedys
  • …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
  • The Dead Weather

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  • Mac Demarco
  • Mac Miller
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • The Maccabees
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Apple Macbook

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  • Head Automatica
  • (Hed) pe

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  • Arab Strap
  • The Boy with the Arab Strap

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Girl Band