Lets be having an evening thread then (31/03)

Still hungry, got a different kind of leftover defrosted stew today (beetroot and kidney bean, its well purple) and ate all the bread earlier, not sensible

Tempted to go the offy for some different beers but dunno.

Might start King of the Hill s2

What aboutchu?



Just did a quick dash to the brico to buy DIY supplies as Macron is giving an announcement in an hour that is expected to be another national lockdown.

Making steak chilli, that’s about it.

Gonna rush home from my studio in the rain, hopefully in time to not miss any of this

Especially interested to hear this today in light of the bullshit Govt report

Also keen to hear what Alex Wheatle has to say after having watched the Small Axe film about him

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Evening all!

Did a day of industrial action which involved some picketing, some computer gaming and some cooking.

Ate carrot nuggets and flatbread for tea.

Might try to watch 1917 tonight.


What you planning DiYwise?

Roast chicken, corn on the cob and mash (and a load of nandos sauce) for dinner.

Not much else planned, wish I had a beer but cba going to the offy.

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Putting the silly toddler to bed then I’ll be painting our living room.

Need to rewatch that one as wasnt in the right mopd and ended up dicking about on my phone for most of it

Had freezer dinner, played a round of Fortnite with 'er indoors (we won, obviously), now she’s on a video call with a friend and I’m going to play Monster Hunter until I pass out in a puddle of my various bodily fluids.

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Hopefully it’s not too long a lockdown and that you’re prepared for it (sufficient beans, books etc).

Tonight I’ve roasted some haddock and eaten it with quinoa and now want to crawl into bed, today has been rubbish

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Doing the whole house up slowly, but focusing on the hall and stairwell right now. Currently it’s 100 shades of brown!

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Fingers crossed. It’s the right decision as France is not doing well at the moment and hospitals are really beginning to struggle again. Supermarkets stay open as normal because online grocery shopping isn’t really a thing here. From a selfish point of view it’s frustrating that it slows down my house decorating!

Sorry you’ve had a rubbish day! I hope you can do something nice this evening.

want it

Honestly, that first 10 minutes was so fucking brutal I nearly turned it off. Glad I stuck with it though

Mackerel with kale and chickpeas in a paprika broth. Loving that it’s getting to quick summery dinner time of year.


aaaaaand France is back in lockdown

Today I caught a mouse and saw some horses, glanced at a goat and fed a very lazy chilled out pig

Yeah it’s golden, nothing an early night won’t solve. Am getting stuck into The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, turns out it’s mint and really readable.

Hopefully the 3 weeks is just that and isn’t too disruptive!

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