Lets be having an evening thread then (31/03)

Are you living in a book for children?


Chandler is so underrated.

Friends joke = 0 points


is masterchef on tonight?

i’m watching a livestream and maybe we could all donate to this if we’ve a few spare pounds and see what happens?

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your name appears on the screen when you do which is really exciting

Earlier I pushed a carrot up my arse and then invited the wife to pull it out. She declined.

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Had a contractor show up at house today to look at our dishwasher. Wasn’t home, guy got all lippy with my GF because she wanted to pay via check (and was busy on calls). He demanded cash for some reason, she felt threatened so called me, lucky I was working only 15 minutes away. All apologetic when I walked in the door. Fucking cunt.

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And yet still you persist in doing it.

Good evening and welcome to this historic event of my first visit to DiS on my brand new sexy gold laptop!

:zap: :zap: :zap:


How do you do your majesty?

Been the offy got 5 beers and a mazripan ritter sport fyi

One is content


Had salmon, pesto grains, asparagus and baby sweetcorn for dinner. Now in the bath and later will have some herbal tea and a switch sesh. Hiya.

Shaved off my beard. I now look like Chas from Morph.


dangerous levels of ennui going on over here

so i’m drinking a moderately fancy beer and looking at guitar pedals

What a terrible thing. No Wednesday masterchef.

Also. Hi GUYS! One more day and it’ll be Easter holidays and I for one can not wait.


Ate too much chilli. Might have another cider to try and help it through.

the bbc have gone too far this time

My mood is picking up in time for me to go to bed! WFH tomorrow buuuuuut also I have a cookie that I’ll eat while watching Bob’s Burgers so I’m living my best life rn

Honestly though. I’m watching England.

It’s the WORST