Lets be kind to ourselves (rolling)


i had an idea recently.

thought it would be nice to have a thread where we promise to do stuff for ourselves that we’d usually deem selfish, frivolous or not worth it e.g. running yourself a nice bath, buying yourself a book you’ve always wanted to read, doing your nails etc., just general reminders to be kinder to ourselves.

i’ve generally having a crap time atm and got some bad news today, i understand that some of you guys are also struggling atm. let’s all make promises to be kind to ourselves!!! :hugging: :coffee: :heart:


I am going to have this 3rd beer because i had a really shitty day at work


this is a wonderful idea for a thread

i’m gonna pay to get a nice haircut when i’m in london this weekend :massage:


I’ve had a bottle of coke in the fridge for about 6 months now. guess it came with a pizza, or something.

thought I’d treat myself to a glass of cold coke. it was no better than ok, but at least I tried to be kind to myself


This is a lovely thread idea and I hope everything is ok (I know that’s a trite thing to say but you know, thinking of you is what I mean :slight_smile: )


I am going to eat some banana fritters, and maybe lay off ruminating on bad stuff for the evening


Hey, good thread idea :slight_smile:

I’m going for dinner at this place tomorrow night:
It feels a bit weird going out and having a nice time when we’re going through it as a family but I figure, sod it, we had the reservation booked before we got the bad news. Just because some of life is shit, doesn’t mean it all has to be shit.


Don’t have time for a proper treat day atm with professional exams and work but when my exams are done I’ll do something relaxing and rewarding.


Great idea :heart: hope everything gets better soon too

I think I’m going to buy some makeup that I really want but don’t need and is really expensive but just so nice. Isn’t it lovely


At the moment my mind feels like a cracker or something that’ll just snap completely under any pressure whatsoever, my body is like actually heavy/doubled over with sadness, and all I can do to be kind to myself is nothing at all.


Fuck, man. Hang in there.

Apologies if this is simplistic or whatever but fuck this time of the year, it always makes things seem so much worse when October rolls around.


Nice thread. Personally I am too good at being frivolous and for myself the kindest thing I could do is to challenge myself/do things I find difficult/do some actual work.

Wonder if this could be a job, head of frivolity.


I like this thread. I’m going to pop a glass of whiskey later.


I totally feel this. Feel like I’m drifting because I’m afraid to do things I find difficult at the moment. I’ve not really had this before.


Hope you’re ok buddy.


I’ll be honest man, not really. Really not really. Feel a bit guilty venting like this but it’s nicely semi-anonymous or at least folks I don’t really know so it’s convenient. Maybe it’ll pass.


Mate don’t feel guilty at all - this is totally the place to do it and it’s great that you feel it’s a convenient place to vent. If you ever want to PM or whatever about what’s on your mind I’d be happy for you to vent some more!


Yeah man, this. It’s almost entirely the point of the place. Vent away.


Gonna eat some chocolate :chocolate_bar: ice cream right :point_right: now. Will make me feel bad :-1: so not really being kind to myself but fuck it


one of my major problems is that I have an addictive personality. not sure how to be kind to myself in any way that I haven’t made less good by doing it compulsively :confused: