Let's beat the NYT Spelling Bee today

Without cheating. Come on @TheBarbieMovie2023

So far I only have
You have found 7 words

  • Moan
  • Ammo
  • Noon
  • Moon
  • Annoy
  • Mahogany
  • Gong

which is only worth 25 points out of a possible 105

  1. Beginner (0)
  2. Good Start (3)
  3. Moving Up (8)
  4. Good (12)
  5. Solid (23)
  6. Nice (38)
  7. Great (60)
  8. Amazing (75)
  9. Genius (105)

Tried a few that aren’t allowed.

The ‘similar topic’ thing tells me @fitzcarraldo started a thread about this in October last year.

Today’s for posterity

Have you ever seen the finals? Absolutely impossible.

Oh it’s one of those.

How you doing, Theo?

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Yeah not too bad. It’s tough doing this homeschooling malarkey though. Feels like her school is one of the better ones with it but still: big queries regarding when to actually tell her why something is wrong in terms of work handed in etc. And obviously she gets incredibly angry about being corrected on anything, hates being wrong.




I started doing these when they first put the link onto the mini crossword about a week back. I’m already peeved enough with their patchy dictionary that I’ve sworn off them.

This one was the final straw. I remember being proud of coming up with ‘mononym’ and ‘gnomon,’ only for them to reject both. ‘Monogamy’ was a big scorer they did accept.



:cow: Moo

:musical_keyboard: Moog

:raised_hands: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

A’ight, I’m done.

We had our first home schooling tears yesterday. Was fun.

Most of the homework just seems to be us telling him what to write down.

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Always forget you can use letters twice in this one. I also have different letters to you :person_shrugging:

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I guess 3am EST just came around then

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it wouldn’t give me hogmanay


Points or words?

Yes! That’s another one I was narked by.