Let's defend DiS-ridiculed bands via playlists

There are a decent number of bands that are fairly ridiculed or looked down upon on here to the point where it’s a near consensus. Whether understandably (the 311s of the world) or inexplicably (the Counting Crows of the world).

But if you like any of these bands (and based on the teenage top ten thread, I think some people do), it’s time to go public and make a playlist to defend them or try to convert others. I’m adopting @ericVI’s rules since those worked so well and added a degree of difficulty.

  • 12 songs or 60 minutes, whichever you hit first
  • Studio albums only
  • If you’re using 4 or more albums by a band, don’t let any album take up more than 1/3rd of the playlist
  • Bonus: If any popular singles make your list, you’re allowed to remove one if you think it’s not going to help your case (I’m calling this “The Long December” rule) and replace it with something else. Just make note of it.

guess i’ll be making blink 182, starsailor, limp bizkit, and wet wet wet playlists


may as well just cross-post this one!

I’m going to kick things off with the Counting Crows, who have way more in common with Titus Andronicus, The National, and The Wrens than they do with Train and Matchbox 20. 12 songs, 58 minutes.

  • Round Here
  • Perfect Blue Buildings
  • Rain King
  • Murder of One
  • Angels of the Silences
  • Children in Bloom*
  • Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
  • Recovering the Satellites
  • Speedway
  • Good Time
  • Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)
  • Cowboys

Some thoughts:

  • “Children in Bloom” replaces “A Long December” because while the latter is amazing, everyone’s heard it and seems to dislike it. “Children in Bloom” was always my least favorite song by them growing up, but recently I’ve realized how genius and unique it is, and it’ll help strip people of their false “generic coffee shop band” impressions.
  • There’s no point in doing runner ups for August and Everything After and Recovering the Satellites because they operate at a 10/10 start to finish. Everything could have and should have made it.
  • Wish I could have gotten “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” or “Miami” on there but figured “Children in Bloom” might change more people’s minds.
  • Hard Candy is one of the best albums of the 00’s.

Love Love LOVE perfect Blue Buildings.


Any of these Counting Crows playlists gonna have that Vanessa Carlton duet?


It’s such an amazing song. He’s really on another level lyrically there, and the way the dream-like chorus temporarily rises through the misery of the verses.

Tied with touring with Matchbox 20 for most damaging blow to my “Counting Crows are actually all-time greats” campaign.


Yeah, I think it’s very interesting lyrically. If you go to the genius or song meanings page I’m sure there’s people saying it’s about drug addiction but to me it just seems to be about how horrifically mundane everyday life can be and wanting to escape that. I’m sure Duritz himself has confirmed this.

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Yeah, I never thought it was about drug addiction either. I’ve always been under the impression it had something to do with living in that horrifying state where insomnia and anxiety start amplifying each other and wanting to escape from it.

I can’t find the original source but this is what I’ve found people quoting him saying about it:

“The verses are about how horrifyingly gray and mundane and pointless life in general can be. Nothing catastrophic. Little horrors. Envy of other people. Deep need that is unsatisfied. And so the chorus is about how seductive coma-visions are: these dreams of placidity, colors, shapes that are so clean. But the peace is a trap to the person in the song; he doesn’t want to fall prey to the visions.”

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Oh, and if I had to choose one song as my favourite CCs song it would be Children In Bloom.

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Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking overlooking it for basically two decades. You can really feel the pulsing manic energy, and musically it’s so different from everything else. I love that I’m still finding new things about an album that I consider to be one of the three or four best of all time not written by my favorite band.

I’m taking a shot at this too and it’s incredibly hard. Trying to gage how much Cheshire Cat / Dude Ranch songs will help bring anyone around on them. I think I have 11 locked in but that last spot is killing me.

who are all the ridiculed bands again?

Nickelback is one I think. Yes, definitely Nickelback.

I’m not even sure, but I was thinking of at least tackling Counting Crows, Blink 182, 311, Sublime, Bush, and Everclear. I could be wrong but I’ve gotten the sense that no one really likes Stone Temple Pilots around here, which I don’t understand.

Everclear are fucking great


is there a single person who hasn’t heard enough blink 182 to make up their mind about them? they have one song.


Agreed 100% and a main reason why I wanted to start this thread. I’ve probably said it before, but everyone who loves Titus Andronicus needs to give Everclear a real shot.