Let's defend DiS-ridiculed bands via playlists


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I think what Blink 182 does is considerably harder to do than people think. There are thousands of bands who are in their mold or try to be them, and 99% of them are unlistenable. Their talent for writing melodies (and finding the perfect one for the chord progression / song rather than just any one) and not wasting time is criminally underrated and part of why I get so angry every time “pop genius” is thrown at Rivers Cuomo every time he doesn’t manage to fully embarrass himself.

I’m probably in the minority, but I think the 2003 s/t album and 2011’s Neighborhoods are the best things they’ve done and are great albums with no disclaimer needed (other than the two interludes on the former being regrettable).

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Blink 182:

Touchdown Boy
Wasting Time
What’s My Age Again?
Wendy Clear
Reckless Abandon
Time To Break Up

Chronological order - could probably make it better by playing with the running order a bit.

All total bangers. 10/10 playlist. Come at me bros

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A million likes for this xxxx

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If anyone can do a playlist of even one muse song that isn’t utterly embarrassing I’ll be very impressed


I really wish Mrs Potter’s Lullaby had made it too! 8 minutes of epic.

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invalid without Josie

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Cracking run of tracks that. Good shout on Waggy as well.


I’m going to allow this. Swap it in for What’s My Age Again? It seems that it is possible to improve on perfection after all.

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that is not the one I expected you to swap it for but OK the main thing is the system works

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with you on the self-titled, Neighbourhoods, eh, not so much

you mean the end of Enema of the State?


Their best three tracks I reckon. eric ‘they’ve only got one song’ v should blatantly check them out

Who the fuck has been ridiculing everclear?! I’ll fight them.


Here’s my shot at Blink 182. Using the “Long December” rule on Dammit, and unhappily leaving off many Dude Ranch (and all Cheshire Cat / Buddha) classics due to the sense that they’re not going to change anyone’s minds. “Pathetic” and “Apple Shampoo” are the hardest ones.

  • Dick Lips
  • Lemmings
  • Anthem
  • Anthem Part 2
  • Reckless Abandon
  • Shut Up
  • Violence
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Down
  • Asthenia
  • Ghost on the Dance Floor
  • Natives

Some more thoughts:

  • Figured I’d go with one Tom and one Mark for Dude Ranch. I’m assuming there isn’t a single person who will agree with me, but “Lemmings” is actually the best song from that era.
  • Mark’s vocals were so fired up on Dude Ranch, and he never quite tapped into that again.
  • “Shut Up” was a last second add, and I might regret it tomorrow (this is serious business). I dropped off “Wishing Well” after realizing it was more likely to turn people off, and settled on “Shut Up” since “Wendy Clear” (secretly the 2nd best song on Enema behind “Anthem”) was already on @anon9806217’s list (sorry if this is cheating).
  • Hardest late period one to leave off was “Here’s Your Letter”, but it was a last second scratch due to the bridge being too similar to the one in “Stockholm Syndrome”, which is one of their top few songs.
  • Additional unpopular opinion: “Natives” might be the best song they ever wrote.

Nearly everyone I know says, “every single Everclear song is exactly the same thing and all he does is sing about his dad.” I’ve lost sleep over this.

Yeah, it’s a great, great song that fully deserves to be on there. I wish I could have included more of This Desert Life. I always underrate that album, just because I’m so high on the first two and Hard Candy.

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Invalid without Dammit, Josie or Always

  1. Supermassive Black Hole

Tune tbh tbf. Beyond that, I concur - they are terrible…