Let's do the facking cryptic crossword

Blur your facking answers.

Thus… 7d My facking answer

Cryptic Crossword - Tory
Sudoku - Lib Dem
Wordsearch - Labour
Word wheel or some bullshit - Change UK

what does picross fall under?

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I have never been able to do cryptic crosswords, had a look and no idea on any of them


I’ll cut you from ear to ear.

I don’t know what that is. Like literally no idea if it’s a puzzle or some fringe party.

officially they’re called nonograms, but the games with them in are called picross

(I’d vote for the Picross Party btw)

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I haven’t solved any yet either.

I’ve been going through a book of Times Cryptics with my gf. About 9 puzzles in and still looking up plenty of answers.

We’re getting better though. Do you understand the principles?

I used to, but even then I was rubbish at them. it’s why I usually skip the crossword and go straight for the sudoku

I have only ever known those as hanjie puzzles. My Mum likes them but she voted Brexit so don’t know.

picross = Brexit Party confirmed :frowning:

I think 1 down is European but I don’t know why except I solved the anagram.


I clicked reveal on a few answers and even then I couldn’t understand the link between the clue and the answer.

e.g. 2 down (includes answer) Clue: Endless protest in capital. OK, so I guess ‘in capital’ could mean the answer is some of the letters in the word capital? And endless could mean excluding the letter ‘L’ maybe? hits reveal Oh it’s fucking ‘Oslo’ No idea how that fits. Now I feel dense.

Ah you can just hit reveal and see the answers. EVERYBODY OUT.

The theme appears to be Europe, I think.

Forget it zxcvbnm, it’s marckeetown

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that was the lines I was thinking along, but didn’t realise you could see the answer. would never have got that :man_shrugging:

It is go-slow but “endless”, ie without the first and last letters


Been waiting for this thread my whole life. Gonna sit by the river and have a crack

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The guardian cryptic crossword might be the worst bit of the whole paper

I like the telegraph one