Let's Eat Grandma


They did a show for 6 Music if anyone’s fancies listen


And they did!


the girl on the left looks so much like Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird there


Really in to this, think I’ll go to the Rough Trade instore this evening


Yes!! So glad this is good


This is marvellous


I’ve given this one listen so far, honestly off the back of the singles I wasn’t really feeling it, felt they’d kind of lost their weirdness in a bid for pop stardom which is fine but sonically I wasn’t on board.
So glad to be wrong in my assumptions, it sounds awesome and they’re still weird as fuck, the singles make more sense in the context of the album. Last track in particular encompasses what’s great about the record.

Hope it does well


I enjoy playing spot the SOPHIE produced track. Such a distinctive sound


Snakes & Ladders is such a trip-hop throwback :heart_eyes:


Yeah, this is pretty damn good.


sounds great on first listen - tracks like Ava are a real surprise


Gave the first album a cursory listen and thought they’d fade away pretty quickly, but this new one is bloody ace.


If it didn’t come across as damning with faint praise I’d say I’m All Ears is better than it has any right to be, but I think I’m just completely blown over by the escalation not only in their music writing but the push for a more sophisticated production that doesn’t once overshadow who they are, even with the SOPHIE/Badwan tracks. Their joyful naivety (and the awkwardness they seemed to strive for) has morphed into eyes-wide wild eccentricity. I’m not sure anyone other than Let’s Eat Grandma could have made this album.


I was the same. Was not that taken with the first, and dismissed them as second rate CocoRosie wannabes. But this new one is a massive step up, I really really like it. It sort of reminds me of Lorde’s first album in a few places, but is wildly more ambitious than that, especially in the second half.


Had this pretty much on repeat - incredibly fun with lots of layers to reward repeat listens. One of my AOTYs


“We got this” into that breakdown :heart_eyes:


There are great little moments like that across the whole album, I love it when the baseline kicks in at the end of Snakes & Ladders.


this reminds me of Chvrches (when they were good)


Christ alive, Donnie Darko is one of the most exhilarating songs I’ve heard in years. Shows a confidence and maturity in song-writing which is mind-boggling given their age.


The beginning made me think of YLT, with the rambling guitar and organ drone.