Let's Eat Grandma


Mine is turning up in the post shortly - can’t wait based on the various descriptions in this thread and the four tracks that I’ve heard. Big up the Norfolk Massive.


Funny that Faris Badwan worked on this because the step up isn’t dissimilar from what The Horrors did between Strange House and Primary Colours. Feel a bit sorry for him how much he’s been overshadowed by Sophie despite having a joint credit.

Really enjoyed the Rough Trade instore on Friday. I imagine Donnie Darko’s going to be their set closer for a long long time, whatta song. Thought I’d now be able to distinguish who sings what but it’s pretty much 50/50.


Weirdly, despite its closeness in sound to early CHVRCHES, It’s Not Just Me is probably my least favourite track on the album. It’s also the one that gets in my head the most, because life is like that.


i’d also just like to throw out the (probably unpopular) opinion that this album reminds me a lot of I Was A Cub Scout in parts :grimacing:


The only thing stopping me listening to them on the past is their babe. Looks like I should rectify that




name, probably.


Yeah I meant name, I forgot to review my post


Surprisingly lovely review over at pitchfork. BNM, innit.


So much this. It’s Not Just Me and I Will Be Waiting are basically the best Chvrches songs since 2013.

This album hits so many of my musical pleasure centres it’s almost silly, it’s so good though, really strong songwriting and they’ve nailed that emotive electro-pop sound without either being too glossy (like the new Chvrches album) or too mechanised (like most SOPHIE songs). Fair bit of sonic common ground with the last couple of Grimes records, too.


It’s almost Fuck Buttons in the last few minutes - marvellous!


Yep, proper soaring synths. Had literally just put the album on when I saw this notification. Gonna be top 5 of the year I reckon.


It’s definitely a banger, certainly prefer it to CHVRCHES, not least because of the variety within songs and across the album as a whole (which I think is its strength).


Yep, manages to traverse lots of styles while remaining remarkably cohesive. The transition from pop bangers like Hot Pink through to the combined 20 min epics of Cool & Collected and Donnie Darko really shouldn’t work or make sense but absolutely does.

As I said elsewhere, there’s something about this kind of genre-bending music with pop sensibilities which is uniquely exhilarating and exceedingly rare. In the 2010s I think only the first half of the chvrches debut and the last 3 Everything Everything albums have made me feel like this does. Utterly compelling.


Best thing to come out of Norfolk in a while.


Really reminds me of Coco Rosie.

Think the jumps between how different tracks sound (production wise) takes me out of the album as a whole, but theres some cracking songs in there.


Yeah, the debut DEFINITELY reminded me of CocoRosie. Part of the reason I discounted them was I felt they had completely ripped off their sound, and nobody else really seemed to be noticing. But this new one definitely pushes away from that a certain amount.




Haven’t heard the earlier stuff.

Agree with what someone said upthread as well, not sure why SOPHIE is getting all the plaudits when Faris’ work is much more telling throughout the album, particularly on the first and last tracks (which are my two favourites)


can’t get into this, i’m probably not in the right mood

not sure I like SOPHIE much tbh, PonyBoy was fun at first but her production is pretty grating (to me)