Let's Eat Grandma


SOPHIE and Faris are only on two tracks. Hot Pink and It’s Not Just me.


Hot Pink especially sounds exactly like a SOPHIE track as well, it’s not that weird that some bloke from the Horrors isn’t get similar dues based on the biggest single on the album.


Halfway with you on this.

Oil of Every Person’s Uninsides feels like a serious case of the emperor’s new clothes - lots of interesting production and distorted snares, but barley a decent melody to be found throughout the album.

This, on the other hand, takes the best parts of that album and flesh them out to a much more satisfying end product (to these ears at least). Plus there’s a lot more variety going on.

I like it a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


If, for some strange reason, someone had asked me to predict which DiSer would definitely really like this album, I think I’d have gone with you!


Nice! I’m going to take that as a compliment saying that I have excellent taste rather than an indication of predictability!

But barley?! FFS :smiley: I thought I’d spellchecked it properly

Proper tunes. Proper haircuts. Proper barley


Best thing since you…or me :wink:


Thing is, I believe only Sophie and Faris produced the first two tracks.

(Possibly Faris on the last one too)



Got a bit of a Hookworms vibe


This really is top stuff - hooked in with a series of real bangers and then hushed out with two outstanding long form tracks at the end. I could listen to Donnie Darko for hours.


love the fact there’s an epic banger called Donnie Darko in 2018 by some kids who were like 2 when it came out :smiley:


^This - it’s astonishing


only bit I don’t like is the ‘clementine/aud lang syne’ rhyme - especially way she sings aud lang syne for some reason.


I respectfully disagree


This is fucking good eh


One of these bands who have such a shit name that I decided to give a miss.

However because everyone has been banging on about how good this is I’ve checked it out and I’m really enjoying it.
Will go back and check their first record and see what thats like.

Still a fucking dreadful name for a band.


Terrible name can’t see past it


First album is a lot more coco rosie lite but has some cool songs


Try. Import to itunes / media monkey / whatever and change the artist name to Anglia Girls or whatever. Hmmm, that’s not much better. You should still try though, because it’s very good.

I think I might change My Vitriol to MBV and see if it makes me give them a fairer appraisal.