Let's Eat Grandma


This is possibly even more mean than anything I’ve seen on the Elon Musk thread


Looks like it’s just wegottickets who have no more available.


Still tickets on dice


Fast coming to the opinion that this is my AOTY. ‘Falling Into Me’ is just ridiculously good.


Thought I’d bought a ticket but I hadn’t, if anyone has a spare


Friend (and formerly of this parish) has a spare for tonight if anyone is looking


Bump for any chumps who haven’t listened to this yet.

Got ‘Falling Into Me’ on now and it’s still the most thrilling track I’ve heard all year.


Not Donnie Darko then?


It’s whichever I’ve heard most recently and I’m only halfway through the album right now :wink:

Just had the big swaying 6/8 finale to Snakes & Ladders with that rolling bassline :heart_eyes:


Three way tie between this, Low and Brigid Mae Power for my AOTY at the mo…


It is a bangin’ album. Probably still is my AOTY.

Can’t get enough of ‘Hot Pink’, but I am on a massive Sophie fix at the moment.

Her fingerprints are all over that track.


i didnt like this when it came out but i love it now thanks


This was a shoe-in for my AOTY until the Low album came out, now I’m stuck between the two as to what it will eventually be for me.


What Sophie stuff is good Zygo?


Literally everything she’s ever done, including her collaborations.

Check out her singles album Product and her debut album from this year Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides


Falling Into Me is a shoe-in for my track of the year. I can’t get over how a pair of hairy moppets from Norfolk have made one of the most sophisticated in sound and spirit songs I’ve ever heard. I’d considered them a charming oddity before (the sheer ammount of hair… the awkwardness of the rapping…). Now I think they’re a force of nature.


It is better than anything else this year, sure.

Snail Mail gave it a good run though.


Posted in case anyone missed it (turns out they’re from somewhere called Nore-Witch)


I’m calling it before Amor is released but this is Album of the year.