Let's find out if any of us where unknowingly in the same year at the same University/college/whatever you want

Please respect the format:

Post your uni/college and year you started.
Like the post that matches you

then I guess if you have found a match you can have sex with each other.

University Of Manchester 2001

Staffordshire (la la la…)

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Cardiff, 1997

(I know that at least one other DiSer studied the same degree as me, albeit a few years later)

De Monfort Uni, 2003.

Then again in 2016 (did a part-time PgD, didn’t I).

University of Manchester, 2005 - 2011

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if you get a triple match I’m afraid the two of you actually have to have sex by law

St Andrews 2002
Oxford 2007

I promise I’m marginally less of a twat than that list makes me look.

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Which campus? If it was Stoke, I was up the road at Keele at the same time as yow.

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Yeah Stoke

That’ll do - I reckon that’s close enough a match for us to go and have sex as directed by the OP

Sheffield: 2011-2014

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Staffordshire 2004-7

I suppose Queen Mary, University of London 2011

It was for a three month course and they still hit me up for alumni donations.

Reading 2004-2007
Aberystwyth 2008-2012 (distance learning)

How many times did you see Pendulum while you were there?

Once actually.


Hope you enjoyed it.


UEA 2003-06

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Hard Knocks 1987 - Kicked out after two weeks. Not tough enough.

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