Let's find out if any of us where unknowingly in the same year at the same University/college/whatever you want


Please respect the format:

Post your uni/college and year you started.
Like the post that matches you

then I guess if you have found a match you can have sex with each other.


University Of Manchester 2001


Staffordshire (la la la…)


Cardiff, 1997

(I know that at least one other DiSer studied the same degree as me, albeit a few years later)


De Monfort Uni, 2003.

Then again in 2016 (did a part-time PgD, didn’t I).


Manchester 2009-2013
Glasgow 2013-2014
Oxford 2016 -2017


University of Manchester, 2005 - 2011


if you get a triple match I’m afraid the two of you actually have to have sex by law


St Andrews 2002
Oxford 2007

I promise I’m marginally less of a twat than that list makes me look.


Which campus? If it was Stoke, I was up the road at Keele at the same time as yow.


Yeah Stoke

That’ll do - I reckon that’s close enough a match for us to go and have sex as directed by the OP


Sheffield: 2011-2014



Staffordshire 2004-7


I suppose Queen Mary, University of London 2011

It was for a three month course and they still hit me up for alumni donations.


Reading 2004-2007
Aberystwyth 2008-2012 (distance learning)


How many times did you see Pendulum while you were there?


Once actually.


Hope you enjoyed it.


UEA 2003-06