Let's get smashed (i'll get the drinks in)

Fucking hell, are we getting something to eat first? Otherwise I’ll be throwing up on your shoes at some point.

bog standard old man pub
An ale if they’ve got anything that isn’t minging, otherwise Guinness.

wanky craft beer pub
Stout or porter, or the weirdest looking thing they’ve got on.

cocktail bar
Old Fashioned, please. If they don’t know how to make that, we’re leaving.

a horrifying club
BLUE AFTERSHOCK! I mean, JD and coke please. Generic non-Tennents lager if they’re taking the piss with the price of mixers.

WCBP = Ale Ive never heard of over %5 under the value of £6
CB = Gin based, fruity thing
HC = double vodka and cola

Beer for all of them.


an ale
some hoppy wanky craft beer
whatever the silly cocktail bar have
horrifying club: lager i expect

is this what next saturday is going to end up being like, japes?

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Vodka lemonades/rum and coke/shots #ladsladslads

Buckfast for every answer, obviously.


i remember being in a bar with you and you were very particular with the barperson wrt how your old fashioned was to be made. it was a long back and forth negotiation rather than a drink order.


bog standard old man pub
Guinness or Stella (or equivalent)

wanky craft beer pub
Something over 5% and under 7% that looks fairly close to a normal pint of cold lager. Stay away from the overpriced cans and any flavoured beer.

cocktail bar
Cuba Libres or Long Island Ice Teas

a horrifying club
Neat whiskeys


I think I was asked several questions. I don’t have strong opinions about them otherwise.

There was a place in Oxford that used to do this and I had no idea what half the questions meant and I ended up with a lychee floating in my Manhattan.

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Worst thing was I’d ordered a rum and coke!!

buckfast, bucktini, buckshake

guiness + bucky



bog standard old man pub
Guiness or an ale

wanky craft beer pub
6-8% IPA I’ve not had before

cocktail bar
Negroni, whiskey sours or a zombie if I want to get evilled

Manchester United FC
double Rum & Diet cokes, maybe a tequila


Old Man Pub: Summer Lightning
Hipster Pub: Chocolate/Coffee Porter
Cocktail Bar: Old Fashioned, Woodfords
Horror Club: Amaretto + Apple Juice

oh for bucksake

bog standard old man pub

Ale if they keep it properly, Guiness or something bottled if not

wanky craft beer pub
Some expensive/ strong new england style IPA that tastes like um bongo and looks like a pint of Berocca

cocktail bar
Vodka martini

a horrifying club
dark rum with ginger beer and a wedge of lime

What kind of horrific club has amaretto ffs




You could have embellished a wee bit :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Either a glass of dry white wine LARGE or a gin and tonic.

After I’ve got drunk drinking lots of teeny tiny samples I would choose either a saison, a berliner-weisse or an IPA.

Hmm… something with gin, rum, fizzy wine or whisky in it. NO cream based cocktails! So like a mojito, a bramble… errrmm etcetc etc.

GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN. TEQUILA. GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN GIN…ginginginnanginblueerrruughhhhh … . … …vom.

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Disaronno then. They’ve all got that.

Over crushed ice… fucking BEAUTIFUL. Sink 'em by the dozen.