Let's get smashed



… is missing from YouTube :frowning:

Has it been uploaded again somewhere? Preserved for all of time?

Heart reacts only please.


All I can find :frowning:


Stop in the morning, morning, morning


was this filmed in glasgow last night?


did he ever get any credit for ORAL B being a genuinely absolutely genius rapper name?



Seemingly Innocuous Posts Where Someone Is Trying To Become A Regular User So They Can Jag (rolling)

how are ye


Good man, good.

Amazing Boy Bob makes me so happy.




Think it was R.L.B (Rob Loves Boobs) if i’m not mistaken.

The point stands, obviously.


Doesn he go R O B?

Still genius. Love his little burp


You’re not truly a rapper unless you have a drawn-on beard


good to hear!

we are all amazing boy bob on this blessed day.


Damnit, all the originals have gone!

That genuinely makes me sad, as I’d assumed he was happy with it and in on the joke.

There was a video on the account of him a bit older doing a parody of it which totally fell flat as it was self-aware.