Let's get some movie recommendations on the go


Just list all the good ones you’ve seen


not seen any


The Muppet Christmas Carol.

VERY good film.


I love lists


Hedwig and the angry inch
Bill and teds excellent adventure
Ghost world
White bird in a blizzard
Short circuit 2


The Dark Crystal
War Games
Young Sherlock Holmes


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Young Guns 2


The Secret Of NIMH


Ooooooh the Short Circuit films have not aged well


To paraphrase Master of None, a real robot and a fake Indian.


When I originally saw that film I assumed it was a real Indian dude and a real accent, as I didn’t realise that painting white dudes with brownface and getting them to put on accents was a thing, at least not in 1985.

On a related note, saw an interview with Hank Azaria recently and he does NOT seem comfortable voicing Apu on the Simpsons any more.


I’d say they hold up very well, especially the second one, the fake indian issue is obviously problematic, but thematically it holds together very well, and like how the main 2 characters mirror and help each other, more substance than the original . Johhny 5 getting beaten up by those thugs is the saddest scene of all cinema


ever seen Cemetery Junction?


Oh I really like the original, I specifically meant the Indian character, which is the kind of thing that you see now and go oooooooooooohh that’s not good.

Might be ripe for a remake, as you say the premise holds up, it’s a fairly robust underdog/fish out of water type story and who doesn’t love those.


I like the original too but the 2nd one was my favourite as a kid so I’m probably bias

It’s funny how the original addressed his origins

Newton Crosby : Where are you from, anyway?

Ben Jabituya : Bakersfield, originally.

Newton Crosby : No, I mean your ancestors.

Ben Jabituya : Oh, them. Pittsburgh.

Not funny as in amusing, funny as in a bit weird, like were they trying to deflect criticism by not having him explicitly Indian


I’ve only seen the second one once, did he drop the accent then?


no it’s the same




joe versus the volcano.