Let's get to the bottom of the Smee van issue that has dogged the board for all these years

Why has he got a van?
Imagine if everyone was selfish enough to have one? Not just for commercial purposes… shocking.

Tell you what else, he’s banging on about the environment in an extremely boringly regular way on his Twitter for someone who owns an actual van.

Those Mercedes Sprinters are knocking out anywhere between 192 and 270g/km CO2. Again, shocking.

Must be a right hassle parking.

Handy though if, like him, you are moving house up and down the country all the time (twice?)



@eems and @meths on a job


you’ve got it all wrong Balonz. I don’t give a shit about the environment it just pays the bills. Ant, my twitter profile pic is clearly of me in a massive van, anyone who actually listens to what i say on there is obviously a wanker (that’s just one of the reasons obvs)

I don’t like this new forum very much. I want the replies just to appear like they did ibn the old one.

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What about the parking?

Great so now I get a fucking EMAIL every time someone types my name. Fucksake Sean.

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obviously not a problem for someone like me


only when they @meths


Yes that’s right, only when they @meths


Anyway, this is how good vanning we are as a family.


So you’re saying if I @meths he’ll receive an email?

Would just like to point out that obviously that wimpy little thing is not my van