Let's hang out during the day in that London on the 10th of March


I’m going to be in that London the second weekend of March and would like to hang out with some of you beautiful people. Seems like Sunday 10th suits a few more of you, so would people be up for some kind of a walk somewhere and then lunch? Open to suggestions as I don’t know the place that well. I’m staying in Finsbury Park if that helps.


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cc @xylo @he_2 @plasticniki @anon75298087

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sunday is bike ride day for me, but if you’re about in the afternoon i may be able to pop up

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I’ll confirm asap - if I’m free, a walk and then a bit of lunch is perfect.

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Big football match taking place in the Finsbury Park area that afternoon.

Oh crap yeah. It’s a late kick off though, was thinking more we’d meet around lunchtime?

I’d be up for that but it’s just something to bear in mind when planning where to go and what to do. The better places for Sunday lunch will require reservations on match day. This is Islington after all.

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I was kind of hoping you guys could help me out with places to go etc, I haven’t really got a clue! :sweat_smile: Happy to go to a different part of London too if it’s going to be really busy around there.

The two all time classic walks in North London are (1) the Parkland Walk from Finsbury Park to Highgate and (2) Regents Canal from Angel to Victoria Park. Both have multiple options to stop off on the way for food & drink.

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Lovely stuff! Parkland Walk looks ideal.

Argh, keep forgetting to organise this. So:

12pm on the 10th of March, meet at Finsbury Park, do the Parkland Walk, stop somewhere for lunch on the way.

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yaaay! :slight_smile:

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Should know my movements for that weekend sometime this weekend, if I have my kids on the Saturday, I’m in with you guys for the Sunday.

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Hi pals

  • Any good places for veggie breakfast near Finsbury Park?
  • Any good exhibitions or anything on at the moment?



Have you done the McCullin exhibition at the Tate hoogs?

Stroud Green road should sort you out for something good - there’s a lot of cafes, restaurants and pubs if you walk down from the station towards Hornsey/crouch end


Not been yet. Might go on Saturday.