Let's have a Monday evening thread shall we?

Alright? Very busy day and been in a lot of pain for most of it. Just taken some naproxen and steroids so that should help. Jacket potatoes with bacon, cheese & beans for tea. Gonna watch some crime and get an early night. What’s on?


It’s lovely out but I’m too tired and got too much to do to go outside

Woe woe

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Ginger beer
Stranger Things
Poss bath


I am going to make a lemony mascarpone pasta with asparagus and a lot of garlic and I am very excited about it.

That will likely be the highlight of my evening.




Wishing I’d gone outside at some point instead of just fretting all day (and working but I could have got out at some point)
Too late to go out now really. Just going to continue irrationally fretting

And have beans on toast and then play D&D


So pleased I couldn’t be arsed going into the office today because they’re all in the pub now.

Going to play electric wizards and then maybe a pew pew shooty game, then watch more of the new Star War.

37 years old


Ooooft I want @Funkhouser and @shes_so_high’s dinners very very much.

Think I’m just gonna have a lil bowl of chips with cheese and gravy, cause why not.

I’ve cleaned the flat, cleaned the cat, need an early night cause I’ve got lots to do tomorrow (the main thing being popping over to my stepmum’s house cause she’s, and I quote, “forgotten how to receive texteses” so that’ll be a joy. I do actually love that she calls me to help her with things like this, and even opening jars. Of course I’ll help, I love you very much!!) and seeing my cousin in the evening (no beers, just dinner).


Yes please.


As they say in Germany, Damn Ich Bin Hungrig!

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In a bit of an unexplained grumpy mood, my brain feels all over the place :face_in_clouds:

Noodles for dinner again. Then bed early maybe

Making a big curry kohl rabi takes a lot longer to cook than i thought

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Just had some chicken pieces, halloumi fries and garlic mushrooms for tea. Very beige

Also just finished watching Big Boys on all 4 and had a little weep at the end. Everyone should watch it.
All 6 episodes tonight. Go watch it.

Hi hi.

Shitty rainy day. Went to Southampton (woooo) to escape the rain and get my daughter some new trainers. She now has nicer shoes than I do. She also got some frozen lego set with her birthday money.

Doing chorizo hash and egg. Was gonna do some chicken with it but I’m pretty full from late lunch. Drinking an entirely forgettable lager…

Luckily I didn’t buy a case of 12 eh. listening to Bread Pilot. Gonna see my nan tomorrow. Her 87th birthday on Wednesday.

Pretty bloody boring eh.


Think I’m gonna have a king size Pot Noodle and a bowl of Shreddies for my tea.

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Got chickpea & spinach curry with hash browns in front of me. Soon to be inside me

Who knew that chickpeas explode in the microwave? Not me until 5 minutes ago

Got a listening party of my Dissonance Radio show in a little over an an hour and maybe a 2nd one with @anon75298087 an hour after that

Come & join the listening party(s), everyone is welcome

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Linguine bolognaise for dinner

My calves ache, in the same way they ached the day after the last time I went for a SUP. I think I may not have strong enough leg muscles just yet. No pain, no gain as they say

why not room temperature lego?

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Just took Winnie to stay with some people I don’t even know :scream: :black_cat: I miss her already. Can’t wait for this blasted holidy to be over!!!