Let's have a Monday evening thread shall we?

Just accidentally took the best selfie of my entire life even though I should still be hungover and looking awful without makeup on, and I can’t post it on here cause it’s not Friday and urgh, the lord giveth, the lord taketh away.

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First ever day working in an office today

So so so very happy as today my girl Judi Love posted on the gram that my favourite program is back!!!

This Is My House!!!

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Yeah that was a good curry

Friday schmiday.

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Mutes Jaguarpirate

Impressed it took this long

Just had pizza

I’ve been hovering over making the decision. But we’ve reached that point.


Ngl funks my angel it’s done wonders for my self esteem. I should look hungover and minging and yet…


Sesame Street Fainting GIF

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Oh you dreamboat <3

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Butter on your bread as well as oil and balsamic? You are a king.


I only buttered two of the slices to be fair.

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At work, reading emails from my other work.
I’m sorry, what?!


Ah, an underwater spy eh

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Just had to put a jumper on. It’s nearly June, FFS. Rubbish.

Made the mistake of drinking caffeine after lunch so essentially just a puddle of anxiety, love it.

Watched the Kanye documentary, just reminded me what a banger ‘Two Words’ is