Let's have a picture of your favourite t-shirt



Go on




That we own or in general?


I don’t know if I have a photo but it’s an ancient red spiderman one I bought when I was at uni


Ok i found one


Either or



Still this Volta one, except it’s a lot more faded and the Bjork egg on the front has peeled off a bit.




Is there a t shirt that you’ve bought more than once?

I must be on my fifth or sixth Descendents ‘Everything Sucks’ shirt. Classic.



A true design classic.


There’s quite a few I’ve bought twice (including an ‘Everything Sucks one’) but, to be honest, that’s mainly because I no longer fit small-size t-shirts so am having to go through my wardrobe re-buying things in medium.




Where did you get that simpsons t-shirt? It’s awesome!


Definitely this one - big fan of the no alla violenza Burro tees (wore one to the Istanbul champions league final, and they’ve been my match day choice since). This and variations are about 30% of my T-shirts.


It’s from -


Maybe this now actually.