Let's have a thread about breakfast

Here’s some questions to kick-start the discussions.

What do you normally have? Do you have different things at the weekend compared to weekdays?

Your normal fry-up order? What about a posh cafe?

Weekdays is normally some kind of cereal for me, or yogurt and fruit. Sometimes beans on toast (yes, it is a breakfast food). Weekends I will sometimes make an elaborate hash (diced potato, chorizo/onion/garlic, spinach, cheese, topped with a fried egg) or avocado on toast (with a fried egg) or porridge (if bike riding).



Normally some kind of granola/other crunchy cereal
Occasionally crunchy peanut butter toast


Usually croissants/pain au chocolat/English muffins etc on one of the days.
Occasionally eggz (huevos rancheros etc)

Breakfast means breakfast

Potato hash/avocado on toast should always be topped with a poached egg rather than a fried egg imo


Fair opinion tbh, but I fucking love a fried egg.

I usually have porridge because oats are cheap.

For a fry up, I just have the veggie option. Bonus points if they have hash browns.

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Least important meal of the day, I normally have some vegetable samosas or pineapple from Sainsbury’s, McDonald’s breakfast if I wake up on time Saturday, don’t see am on a Sunday

Normally 4 slices of toast and peanut butter. Differs at the weekend when we might have avocado and poached eggs on toast or a fried egg sanger or a fry up of sorts. If I’m on the early at work, I tend not to eat brekkie, but have brunch. If bike riding, then porridge with honey and blueberries and seeds, but I don’t have that too often.

Cereal, a mug of tea and some fruit on most weekdays. Occasionally visit a café at the farmer’s market for a fry with the best poached eggs and bacon I’ve ever tasted.

Sundays I usually go for breakfast in the arts centre where I get hash browns. Delicious hash browns.

cigarette and a cup of coffee.


Most days

Yoghurt (Skyr), Granola, Blueberries.
Black Coffee.

Fry ups are usually taken as lunch at a greasy spoon in the week. Might go with a bagel and peanut butter on the weekend pre run.

who doesn’t!
btw my ideal full english
Egg (fried, 2)
Sausage (girthier = better)
Beans (preferably in a ramekin for control)
Tomato (fried/grilled, NEVER tinned)
black pudding
hash brown
fried mushrooms (small mushrooms > one big flat mushroom)
granary toast

Weekdays: Five weetabix with sweetened soya milk, followed by a glass of fruit juice.

Weekend: one day of the weekend we’ll usually have pancakes or french toast with fruit, maple syrup and yoghurt. I might have a coffee as well.

^spot on, apart from the bread, which I’d prefer to be white

also, needs a large mug of tea

I assumed that was a given, nicola

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Weekday: Huel
Weekend: Huel, or (almond milk) pancakes
Fry-up: barely even worth it without square sausage and/or tatty scones. Fuck off England.
Posh: eggs Benedict pls

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full english:

Bacon x2-3 smoked rashers
Sausage x 2 good quality
Beans (on plate)
Grilled half tomato
Hash brown
granary toast x2 slices
fried mushrooms
black pudding

glass of orange juice and a cup of tea, too.

Used to fucking love breakfast. Don’t have the time and space to think about it these days. Bit of fruit or some toast. Every day.

Don’t even know when I last had a full English. :sleepy:

seeing as you asked so nicely