Let's have a thread about housework - Tip exchange

The flat could probably do with a proper deep-clean sometime soon innit. Doesn’t seem like it’s been long since we did a proper one, sofa moved to do underneath it, cupboards done and all that lot. Why the fuck do things get so messy/dirty!?

So let’s talk techniques, dust is a huge killer for my flat, what’s do you do to keep it at bay? Got any #lifehacks about using newspapers on windows or any of that sort of thing?

fucking hell, it’s all gotten very responsible around here today. when can we go back to posting about joints and burritos?


Friday is the best day for threads about extremely grown-up things isn’t it? Hasn’t it always been the case here on the DrownedInSound community that Fridays have seen an upturn in maturity?

was well into this until you mentioned #lifehacks. Uggh

just pay a cleaner to come round and give the place a going over once a month.

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I hope you can overlook a bit of tongue-in-cheek terminology and bring yourself to enjoy and contribute to this thread, Richard.

Trying to sort an end-of-tenancy deep clean right now. Why didn’t we book this in a month ago when people might have had availability??

here’s my top tip: sack it off, dont do it, pretend not to notice it until someones coming to your house then do it


The concept of lifehacks greatly amuses my girlfriend, mostly because what men refer to as lifehacks are usually just things that women assume all grown adults do.


Yeah, did this in a flatshare, should probably do it as a co-habitee as well but it seems more unforgivable when it’s not just four idiot mates living together.

Best cleaning thing I ever bought was a dusting mitt. Now I do the dusting by warmly stroking everything that I own.

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That sounds wonderful, HMU with recs plz, friend

Ant, my hoover isn’t working. Might need to buy a new one this weekend, or at least get someone to bring a hoover over so I can use it as a temporary measure.

look at some of this shit. Who puts their cereal in a colander ?

if so, probably got something to do with wasting the whole week and trying to salvage something out of it on the friday

I have no specific tips but bicarb of soda is generally the solution (fnar) to most household problems.

You have my sympathy SDD, we threw out a crappy hoover when we moved in thinking that a handheld and mop would suffice given it’s a small flat with wooden floors, they do not suffice…

“I’m just dusting my cock love, don’t come in”

Life hack: suck it all up with your lips and windpipe

Elbow grease, that’s what it takes to do a proper clean. Now get on with it.