Lets have a Wednesday Evening Thread

What you up to?
Gonna watch my first football match in months and couple of NA beers I think.

been trying to teach these sweet babies to climb on my shoulder when i say ‘shoulder’

also making spaghetti with lemon cos someone posted about it on here the other day


Hello! Eating delicious pasta, and have just changed my plane ticket (!!!) up north to this FRIDAY!!! Gonna be so good to get away for a bit. It’s all cleaning and packing for me tomorrow, is the only downside.



i have roasted some chickpeas

they are fine


Leftover keema with mushroom rice soon, NA cocktail being made rn, might watch celeb bake off then a film of some type, mint chic mousse for dessert

Fucking windy out

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Was very impressed by the rat video you posted the other day of it playing basketball and stuff. Hopefully, yours can get as good.

Actually, worrying it wasnt a rat now…

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Yeah fucking hate that cleaning before holiday stuff. But sounds very good to get away somewhere else. Where exactly you going?

What with?

the fucking shopping trolley, man.


some paprika

chucked in with a load of random veg and some salmon

Family place on an arctic island :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: My nan grew up there, I’ve been almost every summer of my life and have started visiting more as an adult on my own. Spent a month there in the autumn and it was brilliant.


spaghetti with lemon? what a world

how does this work then

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i’m copying this recipe so if it’s horrible then blame joy sous apron


i’ve only gone and ordered a pizza. and a side salad too because I want salad and cba to go to the supermarket for lettuce.

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pretty big rat you got there

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side salad with a pizza:

  • a classic combination
  • fo,m

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Had chana masala and dal for dinner, which was very tasty. I literally never use twitter but today made a comment that has received over 100 likes, so I’m basically internet famous now. Might quit my job and become an influencer :laughing: In all seriousness, I also received comments from people telling me I ‘need help’ so that was nice. Back to not using twitter I go.

I’m still working as I foolishly volunteered to do something on my day off and now actually have to prepare for it. Outrageous.


pizza: hands
side salad: cutlery

this is a problem

It depends

i cut my pizza up with a knife and fork