Lets have an evening thread (07/09/22)

Hey, what yous up to?

Just on train to parents. Had half an estrella outside The Griffin in Carlisle. Keep thinking its Friday but got 2 days wfh to get though first.

Might read my book soon, got a gin in tin to drink too. Ate 2 pasties for tea

Cycled into a tram track and fell off me bike. Right in front of a bus as well. Am fine though. Woopsie!!

Why did you do that?

(Glad youre ok)


It’s pub quiz night! I haven’t been able to do the quiz for months and months for one reason or another, so I’m looking forward to tonight. We’ve got a babysitter to, so we’re both out!



Proud dad day today with a big milestone ticked off for my daughter. Sausage casserole from the slow cooker for tea. Bored of looks stormy over to the south west so got something to look forward to by the looks of things.


Well its a simple case of chicken kiev, hash browns and peas followed by a bath for me really


Is it birthday day for everyone

Posting to see my cake


It is the birthday of new-DiS and also of my dear, dear mother



Got to work tonight on work work but still need to work on 2nd work for an event this weekend I’m nervous about and not prepared for. Still 8 more days before i have a day off :woman_zombie:

Making noodles no doubt, or a sort of omelette. Quite fancy a bath.

Feeling yr pain here, I’m through from tomorrow night to next Saturday

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Gross cw sewage

Wales rn



Hash browns and fake fish fingers and beans for tea.

Watching the game of dragons then football on TV whilst doing a bit of soldering :factory_worker:

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This can’t be a coincidence

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Just had a drum lesson from my good friend nico


Someone has sounded the hash brown klaxon

Craving triggered


It’s hash brown night here on DiS

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Evening all!

Our new oven arrived but we need someone to fit a plug onto it so we had some sort of mince and aubergine fried rice thing for tea. It was OK.

Wor Lass has gone to Motherwell to collect Halloween costumes for The Child that she’s convinced are worth money and an hour’s round trip. I’m doing bath and bed time.

I’ve got work to do tonight but will hopefully watch a bit of film too.

I would gladly eat some hash browns and kievs like.


Did a cooked breakfast for tea. Always a good choice as a dinner.

Going to take dog for a quick spin, put the bins out and retreat to bed nice and early, I suppose. Watch the first half of the Spurs game or something.

Believe me when I say it probably isn’t a coincidence :wink:

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Back in Spain after some ryanair shenanigans. Good to be back tbh.