Lets have an evening thread (07/09/22)

Nooooo that patch of water’s so beautiful. Absolutely fuck the water companies.

What you soldering hun?

Oh stop it.
So I had to meet my uncle earlier to sign some forms and while I was there I had a couple of medium Chenin blancs. Anywho I’ve come home and poured myself another white wine after feeding the cat and I noticed in the spare (clean) litter tray that’s under the stairs there’s a monster spider.
Obvs took the litter tray over to an open window and put it on its side and bonked it on the sill so the spider could be set free, just as my downstairs neighbour is coming up the stairs beneath me. Understandably she screamed SOMETHING HAS LANDED ON ME to which I just pop my head out above, the least reassuring face ever, and shouted “just shake! It’s only a house spider!!” to which more screams ensued.


Sausages, beans and toast for tea. Something of a treat.

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Just rewiring a guitar


I’ve made mushroom tacos plus rice and beans for tea. Delicious but my lips are burning

Gonna spend the evening watching Ladhood (it is called that isn’t it ), John Wilson and married at 1st sight


Some flashes and some big long rumbles of thunder. Really heavy rain now



Solder something more mundane pls

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Shameless advertising.


I really enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of thunder and rain the other night

Empanadas for dinner (in the pub who let you bring in food from local places, GBOPub)

Spicy pork one was fucking amazing @meowington

Sour beer cracked and waiting for quiz to start. Spending out winnings from last time, free booze woo

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Been feeling down a lot of today about the prospect of returning to normal life after paternity leave but feeling better now. Got some nice things to work on so it’s not all bad.

Having a very odd dinner of stir fried cabbage, sauerkraut (yes, cabbage 2 ways) and Linda Mac sausages. But it works.

Grandparents visiting tomorrow so got a bit of flat tidying to do then earlyish night.

Ffs those stupid m&s egg jubilee sandwiches are actually catching on

No one wants their egg presented like this



Also I got excited by “quad stack of hash browns” but hang on, is that that tiny thing with a pointless cocktail stick in it in the background?


Had my new pasta subscription for dinner which was delicious :drooling_face:

I have a link if anyone wants to try for four deliveries half price

Footballs on now :roll_eyes:


Did it have almonds in it?


I’m real tired mates.

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Just gonna say heinz vegan mayo is the Don.