Lets have one of those mostly show-offy threads where we share maps highlighting which countries we've been to and we discuss them and talk about travel plans and that

I’ve added Poland in there as I’m going to Krakow at the weekend.

Travel plans for the next year are Portugal for Eurovision if I can scrape enough money together, a stag do in Lviv, Ukraine in May, and I’ll hopefully venture on down to Croatia and Montenegro, via Slovenia.

Belgium and Switzerland feel ever so slightly cheaty as I was only there for one day a piece.


I always feel like I’m not well travelled at all, mainly central Europe, Scandinavia and the U.S. East Coast.

Just get really anxious in countries where I can’t communicate well (and don’t really like being a patronising English speaker), despite being reasonable in German. I know that’s my fault, though.

Fairly poor show from me so far

If my travels plans come off then I’ll add these countries next year.

Waste of time


these threads make me feel a bit inadequate


Still sooo much to see! I’m hoping for South America next year - but want months for that

Actually I’ve been to Portugal to buy cheap crockery years ago


Think this is right

Also disappointed to see that there weren’t separate options for England, wales etc. I usually chuck wales in there to beef up the numbers.

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Going to go to SE Asia and the US next year, just to see mates. I can’t travel without a purpose y’see. Can’t wait to spend less than a week in either location.

king traveller

full disclosure i’ve been to russia for approximately six hours

what did you think of slovakia? i wouldn’t make any special effort to go there again.

Do we get points for countries we’ve lived in?

X2 bonus.


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Going to the Netherlands next month and would like to go to Georgia next year, but tbh I quite fancy going to places I’ve already been to and seeing a bit more (Southern USA, some of Mexico that isn’t Baja California, the rest of Spain).

Yeah - maybe four/five months?

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Places? Yeah, I’ve been places,mate

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Now that we have Google Streetview there really isn’t any need to go anywhere