Let's hear the bands where you just love that ONE release more than any other

Obviously I’m expecting mostly albums but eps/singles are fine if that’s what it is.

But yeah, this isn’t about arguing over what’s right. Chiefly I’m thinking of a band where you’d say, “Yeah I am a fan of them,” but if you had listening stats for them you’d realise (if you didn’t know already) you basically just listen to the one release over and over.

I’ll say Papier Tigre

I have three of their albums but the others never get much play compared to The Beginning and End of Now

Although that said I had no idea they had an album out in 2016 so I’m about to jeopardise this by giving it a spin.

One band per post, please. Just post two replies if you’ve two answers or whatever. It looks so much nicer.

Note: Not really interested in your Slints or Drive Like Jehus or whatever where there isn’t really much to choose from in the first place. (Definitely don’t need to hear about Indie-Point winners who only listen to Tweez FFS.)

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The Fall - Live at the Witch Trials

Aside from the odd track here or there, i’ve never really got into anything else of theirs even though it’s basically all the same.

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Manics - Holy Bible

Just loads better than anything else they did innit.


Hot take - i prefer Generation Terrorists


Deja Entendu by Brand New

Earlier stuff is too silly. Later stuff is too earnest and cynical in what theyre doing. The Ed Sheeran of alternative rock actually


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Chat allowed but given I care nothing for Brand New I am unsure. :smiley:

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Good call. He acted like such a dick recently that I’ve sort of gone off his stuff but it was definitely true when he was in solid rotation.

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Coheed & Cambria - In keeping secrets of silent earth 3

Pretty silly band who I can enjoy on some level but feel like they were onto a bit of magic on this album. After they were just doing ATDi covers and before they became too overblown and major label-y, and the most successful blend of their pop/punk/prog tendencies imo.


I much prefer Second Stage Turbine Blade.

Then we must fight to the death.


I like them both about equally. Also about a third of Star IV was pretty good. Gave up on them completely after that though.

This is not the thread for THIS chat.

Pick a side

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Genesis - Duke

Converge - jane doe

Jets to Brazil. Orange Rhyming Dictionary is one of my favourite records ever whereas the others are merely Pretty Decent.


No dice binary man. There’s now way I’m starting a Coheed & Cambria thread in 2018 but it’s of vital importance I document these lukewarm takes somewhere.

Coldplay - Parachutes.

I don’t really think I need to explain this.


The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

Have a soft spot for The Cure but if I listen to them at all these days it is a nostalgia listen really. Exception is Seventeen Seconds which I adore and I don’t really listen to as a Cure album just as standalone album. Didn’t explain well but anyway answer is Seventeen Seconds.