Let's hear the bands where you just love that ONE release more than any other

“even though its all basically the same” Wooah. You need to have a long hard think about that mate. So not true…

Luckily someone has made an excellent playlist in the best of thread

New Order - Movement

I’ve got Substance as well but listen to the Movement era singles far more than the rest.

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Oh what an album, totally forgot I had this!

Interpol TOTBL. There are other enjoyable moments elsewhere here and there but the whole Interpol legacy is tied up in this record.


The Replacements - Let It Be

Some of the others are fine but never really been that interested

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Foo Fighters - The Colour and The Shape

I do this all the time, here are some of them

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
Weezer - Green (don’t @ me)
Laura Marling - Semper Femina
Blue Nile - Hats

ATDI covers. wat.


Clear body – complete sentence.

bet there’s probably someone here who’d try to claim that antics is better or something

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I know this band are a hot potato (and rightly so) but I don’t think there’s anything cynical about Daisy as it’s so obtuse and arguably their heaviest album, and neither with Science Fiction, which is loaded with weird samples and half the songs being at least five minutes long and more singer-songwriter based than the emo stuff on their earlier material. I do however agree that YFW is silly.

All of the big three’s Thrash albums being SLAYER - Reign In Blood, METALLICA - Master Of Puppets and ANTHRAX - Among The Living all tower over their other respective releases. All are the respective bands third studio albums and mark an interesting melting together of styles and genres within them all in different ways somehow. All released fast on the heels of each other also.




antics is better

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cooooome offff ittttttt, maaaaaaaaan

Master of Puppets
Reign in Blood
Jagged Little Pill
The Number of the Beast
Joe’s Garage I, II & III
Asleep in the Back
Enter the 36 Chambers

cba with either of them these days. reminds me of being a miserable sixth form git

You’ve got to be shitting me.

hot rats is annoying

sheik yerboooty or whatever its called is alright

wasn’t into the early early stuff

not sure what else - too much

me and my pals were obsessed with JG as kids though